descriptionM4 Macros
last changeTue, 8 Sep 2015 17:34:28 +0000 (19:34 +0200)
2015-09-08 Adam DickmeissFix boost not found on debian-testing MP-628 master
2013-08-21 Adam DickmeissPick non-mt suffix libs first MP-475
2013-05-14 Adam DickmeissRestore LIBS if some component is not found
2013-05-08 Adam DickmeissSeparate boost-system check
2013-05-02 Adam DickmeissQuoting fix for boost thread check
2013-04-29 Adam DickmeissMention Boost system if check'ed
2013-04-29 Adam DickmeissFor Boost thread, link with Boost.System MP-438
2012-08-21 Adam DickmeissRemove -L/usr/lib from XML2 libs
2012-08-07 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-08-07 Adam DickmeissFactor most of to this shared file
2012-03-02 Adam DickmeissAllow --without-usemarcon
2012-03-02 Adam DickmeissFix HAVE_USEMARCON for config headers
2011-11-10 Adam DickmeissIgnore some generated .m4-files
2011-09-01 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-09-01 Adam DickmeissICU: Proper check for -lCrun on Solaris
2011-09-01 Adam DickmeissUse --cppflags-searchpath to get ICU includes
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14 years ago PAZPAR2.1.0.4
14 years ago PAZPAR2.1.0.0
14 years ago YAZPP.1.0.3
14 years ago YAZ.before.OID.patch
14 years ago ZEBRA.2.0.10
15 years ago YAZ.2.1.34
15 years ago ZEBRA.2.0.0
15 years ago YAZ.2.1.26
15 years ago YAZ.2.1.22
15 years ago METAPROXY.1.0.5
15 years ago YAZPP.1.0.0
15 years ago YAZPROXY.
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