2015-09-08 Adam DickmeissFix boost not found on debian-testing MP-628 master
2013-08-21 Adam DickmeissPick non-mt suffix libs first MP-475
2013-05-14 Adam DickmeissRestore LIBS if some component is not found
2013-05-08 Adam DickmeissSeparate boost-system check
2013-05-02 Adam DickmeissQuoting fix for boost thread check
2013-04-29 Adam DickmeissMention Boost system if check'ed
2013-04-29 Adam DickmeissFor Boost thread, link with Boost.System MP-438
2012-08-21 Adam DickmeissRemove -L/usr/lib from XML2 libs
2012-08-07 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of git://git.indexdata.com/m4
2012-08-07 Adam DickmeissFactor most of buildconf.sh to this shared file
2012-03-02 Adam DickmeissAllow --without-usemarcon
2012-03-02 Adam DickmeissFix HAVE_USEMARCON for config headers
2011-11-10 Adam DickmeissIgnore some generated .m4-files
2011-09-01 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of git://git.indexdata.com/m4
2011-09-01 Adam DickmeissICU: Proper check for -lCrun on Solaris
2011-09-01 Adam DickmeissUse --cppflags-searchpath to get ICU includes
2011-08-17 Adam Dickmeissconfigure boost unit test check: more quirks
2011-08-16 Adam Dickmeissconfigure: update use of Boost unit test.
2011-06-29 Adam DickmeissID_BOOST may check for regex
2011-06-21 Adam DickmeissEnable xinclude for xsltproc
2011-06-16 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of git://git.indexdata.com/m4
2011-06-16 Adam DickmeissFix test for Boost version / presence
2011-03-15 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of git://git.indexdata.com/m4
2011-03-15 Adam DickmeissOn Solaris include lib Crun for ICU, bug #4059.
2010-12-22 Adam Dickmeissboost.m4: Fix syntax error
2010-12-22 Adam Dickmeissboost: Search for /lib64
2010-08-18 Adam DickmeissNot in use anymore
2010-08-18 Adam DickmeissFix check for version.hpp
2010-02-08 Dennis SchafrothFixed source directory
2010-02-02 Dennis SchafrothNew m4 for authority/frbr
2010-02-02 Dennis SchafrothFixed source location
2010-01-28 Dennis SchafrothAdded macro for z3
2010-01-14 Adam DickmeissDo not define YAZ_USE_NEW_LOG
2009-03-09 Adam DickmeissConfigure option to specify Boost toolset.
2009-01-07 Adam DickmeissLook for Boost headers in prefix/include/boost-*
2008-11-24 Adam DickmeissAvoid -I/usr/include for ICU_CPPFLAGS
2008-11-24 Adam DickmeissAvoid -L/usr/lib from icu-config
2008-08-26 Adam DickmeissFixed spelling for PDF_COMPILE
2008-08-26 Adam DickmeissDefine PDF_COMPILE and use 12pt layout for PDFs
2008-04-21 Adam DickmeissUse AC_LANG_SOURCE instead of AC_LANG_PROGRAM for unit...
2008-04-21 Adam DickmeissDefine BOOST_AUTO_TEST_MAIN for unit test lib test
2008-04-21 Adam DickmeissDo not use AC_CHECK_LIB anyway. Use AC_LINK_IFELSE...
2008-04-21 Adam DickmeissCheck for Boost libs ending with suffix "-mt" and without.
2008-04-20 Adam DickmeissMake ID_BOOST determine Boost version (by the use of...
2008-04-19 Adam DickmeissCheck linking with Boost libraries. Use threaded versions.
2008-04-13 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'new_boost'
2008-04-13 Adam DickmeissFirst working version of ID_BOOST macro.
2008-04-13 Adam DickmeissNew boost ID_BOOST which might be a replacement for...
2008-04-03 Adam DickmeissOmit CVS Ids.
2008-01-17 Adam DickmeissChange ICU text YAZPROXY.1.3.2
2008-01-16 Adam DickmeissOmit result about xml2-config
2007-12-10 Adam DickmeissChanged AC_CHECK_ICU is using AC_ARG_WITH. YAZ.3.0.20
2007-11-08 Adam DickmeissFor ICU enabled YAZ defined YAZ_HAVE_ICU instead of... YAZPROXY.1.3.1
2007-06-22 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #1206: Libxml2 include path weirdness. The... PAZPAR2.1.0.4
2007-06-18 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #1201: ./buildconf.sh fails on sarge. PAZPAR2.1.0.0
2007-04-27 Marc Crommechanges autoconf ICU tests to report -DHAVE_ICU=1 as... YAZPP.1.0.3
2007-04-27 Marc Crommeadded ICU M4 macros for autoconf
2007-03-07 Adam DickmeissRevert YAZ.before.OID.patch
2007-03-07 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.1.52.
2007-02-26 Adam DickmeissMove YAZ tests before Boost thread tests so we set...
2007-02-24 Adam DickmeissUse m4 macro ACX_PTHREAD for POSIX threads detection.
2007-02-23 Marc Crommeadded m4 macros for boost C++ headers and libs, hopeful...
2007-01-19 Adam DickmeissUse srcdir path to .xslt files for xsltproc ZEBRA.2.0.10
2006-08-16 Adam DickmeissFix call to idzebra-config. YAZ.2.1.34
2006-08-16 Adam DickmeissFix require version
2006-08-14 Adam DickmeissUsing suffix 2.0 for development tools idzebra-config... ZEBRA.2.0.0
2006-07-06 Adam DickmeissFor Libxml2 and friends, YAZ defines YAZ_HAVE_{XML2... YAZ.2.1.26
2006-07-06 Adam DickmeissReformat. Add local variables
2006-06-02 Adam DickmeissMove .xsl.in's to id.xsl's .. so that we reduce .in... YAZ.2.1.22
2006-05-28 Adam DickmeissSetting XSLTPROC_COMPILE, MAN_COMPILE, HTML_COMPILE...
2006-05-26 Adam DickmeissCheck for xsltSaveResultToString presence.
2006-05-26 Adam DickmeissCheck for pkg-config in YAZ_LIBXML2 macro
2006-05-24 Adam DickmeissLook for docbook xsl in other place for FreeBSD
2006-05-24 Adam DickmeissGoodbye docbook-to-man wrappers. I won't miss you.
2006-05-23 Adam DickmeissDocbook to man script wrapper.
2006-05-23 Adam DickmeissSearch more widely for docbookx.dtd
2006-05-23 Adam DickmeissSpell fix
2006-05-22 Mike TaylorProbe additional paths for docbookx.dtd and docbook.dsl
2006-05-08 Adam DickmeissIf libexslt is not found, tell when pkg-config is missing METAPROXY.1.0.5
2006-05-08 Adam DickmeissAdded m4 macros YAZ_LIBXML2, YAZ_LIBXSLT, YAZ_LIBEXSLT.
2006-04-24 Adam DickmeissLook for in in ../yaz-* , NOT ../yaz* YAZPP.1.0.0
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissMention idzebra in error message YAZPROXY.
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissMention YAZ++ in error message
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissMention YAZ in error message
2006-03-30 Adam Dickmeissidzebra.m4 moved to sub directory m4
2006-03-30 Adam Dickmeissusemarcon macros added
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissAdded yazpp.m4 from yazpp/yaz++
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissInitial revision