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2009-01-15 Adam DickmeissUpdated footer comment
2009-01-13 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2008-04-19 Adam DickmeissUpdated copyright headers. Omit CVS IDs.
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissWindows version of yazproxy
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissAllos Msg_Thread to operate in non-threaded mode
2006-03-30 Adam DickmeissUpdate header. Copyright + yazproxy name
2006-03-29 Adam DickmeissUse yazpp rather than yaz++.
2005-09-26 Adam DickmeissAdd destructor for class (interface) IMsg_Thread.
2005-09-12 Adam DickmeissMsg_Thread constructor now has no_threads which is...
2005-08-15 Adam DickmeissAvoid one condition variable in msg-thread impl
2005-06-25 Adam DickmeissExpanded tabs in all source files. Added vim/emacs...
2005-06-08 Adam DickmeissUpdated for yaz++ API where Yaz_ was removed from many...
2005-06-02 Adam DickmeissUpdate for the yazpp_1 namespace.
2005-05-30 Adam DickmeissImplemented new class Msg_Thread which allows for threa...