2015-12-17 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.10 master v1.3.10
2015-12-17 Adam DickmeissNo debian/changelog
2015-12-17 Adam Dickmeissdebian compat 9
2015-12-17 Adam DickmeissUse new debhelper
2015-12-17 Adam DickmeissBuild for CentOS7 and newer Ubuntu distros
2015-12-17 Adam Dickmeissnmake: update libxml2 versions. No zlib
2015-08-04 Adam Dickmeissdeb: deprecated substitution ${Source-Version} YPRX-25
2015-06-22 Adam DickmeissFix idmetaversion strips n SA-743
2015-06-01 Adam DickmeissSame Ubuntu list as YAZ
2015-01-07 Adam DickmeissBump year to 2015
2014-04-22 Adam DickmeissBuild packages for Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS
2013-10-16 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.9 v1.3.9
2013-10-16 Adam DickmeissUse libyazpp6 and YAZ-5
2013-10-03 Adam DickmeissFix SEGV when reaching max-clients YPRX-20
2013-09-11 Adam DickmeissAdd cast (fix YAZ4 compile in previous commit)
2013-09-11 Adam DickmeissUpdates for YAZ 5
2013-06-12 Adam DickmeissNo longer build for Ubuntu natty
2013-03-19 Adam DickmeissRPM: simplify make install rule
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.8 v1.3.8
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissAdd Ubuntu quantal
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissDocument empty value for backendelementset
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissRemove some useless code
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissEmpty backendelementset results in no elementset
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissWarn if unknown attribute is met in syntax config
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissExample config uses backendelementset
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissUpdate documentation WRT backendelementset
2012-11-28 Adam DickmeissFix memory leak: scan ODR was not released
2012-11-28 Adam DickmeissNew syntax config attr: backendelementset
2012-11-12 Adam DickmeissPackages use libyazpp5
2012-09-19 Adam DickmeissReformat: delete trailing whitespace
2012-09-05 Adam DickmeissUpdate year for documentation
2012-09-05 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.7 v1.3.7
2012-09-05 Adam Dickmeissyazproxy needs libyazpp.la
2012-09-05 Adam DickmeissIDMETA part of dist
2012-09-05 Adam DickmeissInit message size from 1 MB to 64 MB
2012-09-05 Adam DickmeissAdd centso5 to dist
2012-08-30 Adam DickmeissSupport SRU/SRW scan
2012-08-07 Adam DickmeissUse m4/id-config.sh
2012-05-01 Adam DickmeissBuild for Ubuntu precise, no build for maverick
2011-12-06 Adam DickmeissRead version from IDMETA rather than configure.ac.
2011-12-06 Adam Dickmeissbuildconf removes autom4te.cache
2011-12-06 Adam DickmeissChange configure contact to yaz-help@indexdata.dk
2011-12-06 Adam DickmeissFix init of max_sockets
2011-11-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate m4
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.6 (really this time) v1.3.6
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissAdd yazproxy.spec
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissAdd doc-clean rule
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.6
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissUbuntu maverick
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissCheck for USEMARCON version
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate doc/common + m4
2011-02-10 Adam DickmeissMore news
2011-02-08 Dennis SchafrothPatch from Ere Maijala when building with USEMARCON...
2010-10-27 Adam Dickmeissbuildconf.sh -d: use --with-pic
2010-10-06 Adam DickmeissDoc: update to Docbook 4.4
2010-06-30 Adam DickmeissRemove etch, jaunty, intrepid, hardy
2010-05-27 Adam DickmeissAdd IDMETA
2010-05-19 Adam DickmeissWin makefile: update for YAZ4
2010-05-17 Adam Dickmeisslibyazproxy.la uses libyazpp.la
2010-05-17 Adam DickmeissRPM: update for libyazpp4
2010-05-17 Adam DickmeissDebian: update for libyazpp4
2010-05-17 Adam DickmeissRPM: Remove *.la from install
2010-05-12 Adam DickmeissRemove *.la files.
2010-02-17 Adam DickmeissUpdated m4
2010-02-17 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-02-17 Adam DickmeissFix spelling (should be -D , not -X).
2010-01-14 Adam DickmeissUpdate m4
2009-12-03 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.5 v1.3.5
2009-12-01 Adam DickmeissUpdate to use Odr_int
2009-09-16 Adam DickmeissFix install doc rule for Automake 1.11
2009-07-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate to new ID URLs
2009-03-23 Adam DickmeissUpdated m4.
2009-03-17 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2009-03-17 Adam DickmeissPass-through x-username and omitted password to Z39...
2009-02-23 Adam DickmeissUpdate to new logo
2009-01-27 Adam DickmeissUpdated m4.
2009-01-15 Adam DickmeissUpdated footer comment
2009-01-13 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2009-01-13 Adam DickmeissAdded RPM spec
2008-12-25 Adam DickmeissCall autoheader when needed
2008-12-25 Adam DickmeissSame buildconf.sh as YAZ
2008-12-09 Adam DickmeissDescribe backendcharset
2008-11-18 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://adam@git.indexdata.com...
2008-11-18 Adam DickmeissUpdated for newer Libxml2/libxslt.
2008-11-10 Adam DickmeissUpdated to latest doc/common.
2008-11-07 Adam DickmeissSame buildconf.sh as yaz
2008-09-25 Adam DickmeissUpdated for newer libxml2/libxslt
2008-09-25 Adam DickmeissUnix text.
2008-08-26 Adam DickmeissRun both git submodule init + update
2008-08-26 Adam DickmeissAlways run 'git submodule update' when git is in use
2008-08-26 Adam DickmeissUse PDF_COMPILE for PDF creation
2008-06-06 Adam DickmeissBuild Require yazpp 1.1.1 v1.3.4
2008-06-06 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.3.4
2008-06-06 Adam DickmeissOmit debian directory from tar dist
2008-05-28 Adam DickmeissUsing yaz_mk_sru_surrogate when available
2008-05-27 Adam DickmeissShow -V option in usage message.
2008-05-27 Adam DickmeissOption -V shows yazproxy version.
2008-05-27 Adam DickmeissVersion v1.3.3.2
2008-05-27 Adam DickmeissTreat target name as possible SRU database and allow...
2008-05-21 Adam DickmeissBump version to v1.3.3.1