SOLR support for ZOOM and yaz-client
[yaz-moved-to-github.git] / win / makefile
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissSOLR support for ZOOM and yaz-client
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM event, hide more definitions
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM SRU stuff to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor record render to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor record cache to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM_query to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM Z39.50 functions to zoom-z3950.c
2010-08-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate Windows makefile for facets
2010-05-20 Adam DickmeissAdd socket pipe utility
2010-05-19 Adam DickmeissMake yaz_thread functions work on Windows
2010-05-19 unknownWin makefile: omit /machine:i386 link option
2010-04-28 Adam DickmeissCondition variable functions in separate DLL
2010-04-28 Adam DickmeissUpdates for Windows WRT timing and condition vars
2010-04-09 Adam DickmeissUpdate WIN32 makefile for renamed tests
2010-01-26 Adam Dickmeissdirent wrapper. Use yaz_file_glob for XML include
2010-01-22 Adam DickmeissAdding XML Include utility (not W3C's include)
2010-01-19 Adam DickmeissWIN32: yaz-version.h depends on
2010-01-19 Adam DickmeissWin32: use manifests by default
2010-01-19 Adam DickmeissRemove redundant function libxml2_error_to_yazlog
2010-01-14 Adam DickmeissBump year in copyright stmts
2010-01-13 Adam DickmeissAdd json.obj
2010-01-13 Adam DickmeissBump YAZ DLL names from 3 to 4
2009-11-30 unknownUpdate WRT to new sources for ICU
2009-11-28 Adam DickmeissYAZ on Windows uses newer Libxml2/Libxslt, ICU
2009-11-24 Adam DickmeissWin32 makefile: dist depends nsi
2009-11-21 Adam DickmeissRefactor URI utils to uri.c
2009-03-31 Adam DickmeissAvoid redundant dependency v3.0.45
2009-03-10 Adam DickmeissError utils in separate file and _REENTRANT mode.
2009-01-09 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2008-12-15 Adam DickmeissAdded Danmarc character set decoder (bug #2345).
2008-11-18 Adam DickmeissUpdates for the ISO5426 source.
2008-11-18 Adam DickmeissUse mk_version.tcl to generate yaz-version.h
2008-11-06 Adam DickmeissDEBUG=0 for YAZ
2008-10-21 Adam DickmeissFixed log message trunction on Windows.
2008-10-16 Adam DickmeissUpdate to use Libxml2 2.7.1 / Libxslt 1.1.24.
2008-09-25 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #2256. Updated for newer libxml2/libxslt.
2008-09-20 Adam DickmeissWindows makefile - added mutex.obj and updated for...
2008-06-02 Adam DickmeissDummy OPAC records has a little more dummy data in it.
2008-04-28 Adam DickmeissBeginnings for RPN to CQL transform.
2008-04-22 Adam DickmeissImplemented new Windows Service wrapper (sc).
2008-04-04 Adam DickmeissUpdate headers and omit CVS Ids.
2008-04-03 Adam DickmeissRefactor iconv decoders.
2008-04-01 Adam DickmeissFactored character encoders out to separate files ...
2008-03-25 Adam DickmeissAdded function yaz_log_xml_errors.
2008-03-17 Adam DickmeissUpdate for new C source for iconv handling.
2008-02-21 Adam DickmeissAdded yaz_daemoon for windows.
2008-01-18 Adam DickmeissAdded version resources for yaz_icu3.dll
2008-01-17 Adam DickmeissTowards 3.0.22 YAZ.3.0.22.x
2008-01-14 Adam DickmeissBuild ICU stuff in separate DLL: yaz_icu3.dll.
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissBuild yaz-icu if ICU is enabled on Windows.
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissICU support on Windows version of YAZ.
2007-12-10 Adam DickmeissGenerate yaz3.dll version from yaz-version.h
2007-11-09 Adam DickmeissImplemented yaz_poll - select/poll wrapper.
2007-10-24 Adam DickmeissAdded yaz_match_glob
2007-06-13 Adam DickmeissUpdate to libxml2 2.6.28 / libxslt 1.1.19
2007-06-06 Adam DickmeissRemoved WIN32 libs not in use
2007-06-03 Adam DickmeissEmbed manifest file in EXE/DLLs for YAZ. But only if...
2007-05-06 Adam DickmeissImport library now called yaz3.lib (yaz3d.lib for debug...
2007-05-01 Adam DickmeissBuild yaz3.dll rather than yaz.dll. New sources
2007-04-24 Adam DickmeissWindows build.
2007-03-21 Adam DickmeissAdded skeleton for query charset conversion. Bug #977.
2007-02-23 Adam DickmeissAdded snprintf/vsnprintf wrappers for systems that...
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #668: save command line history for yaz-clien...
2007-01-11 Adam DickmeissMove HTTP logic out of zgdu.c to http.c.
2007-01-09 Adam DickmeissImplemented Generic select hook for ZOOM (bug #803...
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissReformat a bit. Building tst_timing.exe.
2007-01-03 Adam DickmeissAdded timings utility. Bump version to 2.1.45.
2007-01-03 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.1.44. Bump copyright year.
2006-12-15 Adam DickmeissSplit MARC reader functions out of marcdisp.c. Prepare...
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissRemoved objects nfa.obj, nfaxml.obj no longer in use
2006-11-14 Adam DickmeissAdded utilities yaz_{set,get}_esn to set/get element...
2006-10-29 Adam DickmeissWIN32 mods for new SRU update
2006-10-24 Adam DickmeissDon't make map files. zoomtst10 part of build.
2006-08-03 Adam DickmeissUpdated to use iconv-1.9.2, libxml2 2.6.26, libxslt...
2006-07-07 Adam DickmeissAdded nfaxml
2006-07-07 Adam DickmeissAdded nfa
2006-07-07 Adam DickmeissSplit YAZ DLL objs into only 3 groups
2006-07-06 Adam DickmeissFor Libxml2 and friends, YAZ defines YAZ_HAVE_{XML2...
2006-07-05 Adam DickmeissSimplify YAZ windows makefile
2006-06-07 Adam DickmeissRemove debug DLLs part of dist. Add .manifest files
2006-06-07 Adam DickmeissFor VS, define _CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE, so we don...
2006-05-26 Adam DickmeissDefine HAVE_XSLTSAVERESULTTOSTRING for Windows
2006-05-24 Adam DickmeissPass SRCDIR to csvto tcl script
2006-05-07 Adam DickmeissAdded retrieval + libxml2_error
2006-05-03 Adam DickmeissFix makefile. Added record_conv.c
2006-05-03 Adam Dickmeisslibxslt part of windows build
2006-04-30 Adam DickmeissDont use /YX
2006-04-19 Adam DickmeissUpdated for MARC-8 conversion
2006-03-15 Adam DickmeissAdded support for file access in GFS to facilitate...
2006-03-14 Adam DickmeissMake bin/yazd.dll + lib/yazd.lib part of Development...
2006-02-09 Adam DickmeissFor VS, use option /EHsc instead of /GX (deprecated)
2006-02-01 Adam DickmeissAdded test.obj+xmlquery.obj
2006-01-20 Adam DickmeissSeparate the logging utilities for queries in two ...
2005-11-29 Adam DickmeissMake zoomtst9 part of windows build YAZ.2.1.10
2005-09-09 Adam DickmeissAdd rules to build tstlog
2005-08-18 Adam DickmeissUpdated to use libxml 2.6.20, zlib 1.2.3
2005-04-22 Adam DickmeissWIN32 updates for Diagnostics from CSV files.
2005-04-18 Adam DickmeissUpdate to libxml2 2.6.9, zlib 1.2.2
2005-01-19 Adam DickmeissDo not set HAVE_.. stuff for WIN32
2005-01-16 Adam DickmeissDefine HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H in VS makefile