Check parameter count for yaz_wai PHPYAZ-22
[phpyaz-moved-to-github.git] / php_yaz.c
2013-10-17 Adam DickmeissCheck parameter count for yaz_wai PHPYAZ-22
2013-05-05 Adam DickmeissFix definition of ODR_INT_PRINTF PHPYAZ-18
2012-11-29 Adam DickmeissAccept charset for "string" type in yaz_record
2012-11-19 Adam DickmeissUse zend_parse_parameters with proper types when possible
2012-11-19 Adam DickmeissRemove trailing whitespace
2012-08-13 Adam DickmeissUse zval_dtor instead of pval_destructor
2012-06-05 Adam DickmeissUpdates for PHP 5.4 - PHP Bug 61479
2011-05-31 Adam DickmeissUpdate to License 3.01
2011-05-31 Adam DickmeissUpd GET_PARMs for ZTS. Add some casts.
2011-05-31 Adam DickmeissReformat
2011-05-31 Adam DickmeissIntroduce helper macros to parse arguments
2011-05-30 Adam DickmeissUpdate for new way of getting PHP arguments
2011-05-28 Adam DickmeissTweak source to work with both YAZ 3 and YAZ 4
2011-05-27 Adam DickmeissUpd YAZ_VERSIONL check for YAZ version 4
2011-05-27 Adam DickmeissUpdate for ZOOM_scanset_term
2011-03-22 Adam DickmeissFrom PHPYAZ 1.0.14.