Include extra index rec.id_raw
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2010-05-10 Mike TaylorInclude extra index rec.id_raw
2010-05-06 mikeExactly the same as 4cb4863eab0eaabf4265a494592f0ea63a0...
2010-05-06 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-28 Wolfram Schneidertypo in last commit
2010-04-28 Wolfram Schneideradd disabled mapping
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderremove stale $Id$
2010-04-20 Mike TaylorComment
2010-04-20 Mike TaylorAdd CQL->PQF mapping for index rec.lastModificationDate
2010-04-13 Mike TaylorAdd @attr 4=109 (structure=numeric) to the zeerex:relia...
2010-04-12 Mike TaylorSupport index.zeerex.reliability
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorSupport library-type and country searches.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorAdd relationModifier.firstInField
2007-03-02 Mike index uses @attr 4=104 (urx)
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorSubmit @attr 4=3 with zeerex:recordSyntax searches.
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorAdd dc.description CQL index.
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorUse internal name cql:anywhere rather than cql:all
2006-10-18 Mike TaylorAdd mappings for twelve zeerex indexes (not yet support...
2006-10-18 Mike TaylorRemove old-style sorting which has been superseded...
2006-10-06 Mike TaylorAdd attribute 4=3 to net:path searches, as this index...
2006-09-20 Mike TaylorAdd relationModifier.numeric
2006-09-19 Mike TaylorAdd sorting support:
2006-09-18 Mike TaylorAdd cql.allRecords
2006-06-20 Mike TaylorFix identifier URI of default set (net)
2006-06-20 Mike TaylorUp-to-date identifier URIs for rec and net context...
2006-05-17 Mike TaylorDefault context set is now "net" (was "dc")
2006-05-17 Mike TaylorFix mistake: fuzzy matching is 5=103, not 5=102
2006-05-11 Mike TaylorSupport the relevant indexes (and not the irrelevant...
2006-04-13 Mike TaylorInitial revision