2015-10-08 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// master
2015-10-08 Wolfram Schneidersync
2015-10-08 Mike TaylorNote IRSpy's need for the libindexdata-utils-perl Debia...
2015-02-26 Mike TaylorChange-logging.
2015-02-26 Mike TaylorUse cabin font for IRSpy. Part of WRIS-12.
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorUse newer archive.
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorFix IR-370, I hope.
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorFix bug IR-363.
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorTypo in comment.
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorTypo in error message.
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorAdd proxy field for editing.
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorDusplay proxy
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorIgnore unpacked archive records-2014-12-15
2015-01-12 Wolfram Schneidervalidate dump output with xmllint
2014-12-17 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-12-17 Mike TaylorBack to IR-367 *sigh*
2014-12-17 John Malconianadd debian init info
2014-12-17 Mike TaylorAdd searching support for the zeerex.udb index.
2014-12-17 Mike TaylorAdd UDB to indexing (as zeerex:udb).
2014-12-16 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-12-16 Mike TaylorRelated to IR-365 ("Investigate, possibly remove "skipp...
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorIgnore Wolfram's(?) temporary directory db-test
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorTowards IR-350.
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorNew
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorJust comment out the tidy invocation. We don't really...
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorAnother attempt at figuring out what's upsetting tidy.
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorBetter output for diagnostics.
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorTypo
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorUse for i in */xml do...done instead of xargs.
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorUse tidy -quiet, rather than discarding all output.
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorSomeone, at some time, added a new 'irspy' account...
2014-12-15 Mike TaylorTowards IR364 and IR-350.
2014-12-12 Mike TaylorGenerate an automatic UDB only if no explicit one was...
2014-12-12 Mike TaylorAdd short help-text for editing UDB.
2014-12-12 Mike TaylorAdd UDB to list of editable fields.
2014-12-12 Mike TaylorAdd UDB to list of displayed fields.
2014-12-11 Mike TaylorFix bug IR-350.
2014-12-11 Mike TaylorAdd IRSPY_COUNTER_FILE setting to live config.
2014-12-11 Mike TaylorConsistent indent.
2014-12-11 Mike TaylorAdd IRSPY_COUNTER_FILE setting.
2014-12-10 Mike TaylorRemove borders from full-record table, as well as recor...
2014-12-10 Mike TaylorStyle tweaks:
2014-12-10 Mike TaylorUpdate xeno-dev.conf for Mike's new desktop filesystem.
2014-12-10 Mike TaylorUse new beach background.
2014-12-10 Mike TaylorNew
2014-11-24 Mike TaylorIgnore more recent unpacked record store.
2014-11-24 Mike TaylorUse most recent dump for "make newdb"
2014-11-24 Mike TaylorRemove four of the old IRSpy database dumps -- we don...
2014-11-24 Mike TaylorNew dump of IRSpy database
2014-11-24 Mike TaylorRemove stray tabs.
2014-11-24 Mike TaylorFix typo in comment.
2014-11-24 Mike TaylorIgnore unpacked directory records-2013-08-13
2014-11-14 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-14 Wolfram Schneiderset modulePath for MacOS with homebrew
2014-11-14 Wolfram Schneiderset profilePath for MacOS / homebrew
2014-11-14 Mike TaylorFix filename for manual record rollin.
2014-11-14 Mike TaylorResolve conflicts
2014-11-14 Wolfram Schneiderset profilePath for MacOS (with brew)
2014-11-14 Mike TaylorPart of IR-359.
2014-11-14 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-14 Wolfram Schneideradd alias irspy-dev
2014-11-14 Mike TaylorUpdate name of records directory.
2014-11-14 Mike TaylorPart of IR-359.
2014-11-14 Mike TaylorTowards IR-359
2014-11-07 John MalconianMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-07 John Malconianadd serveralias
2014-10-06 Wolfram SchneiderThe company name is: Index Data
2014-09-03 Wolfram Schneideravoid double utf8 encoding, IR-355
2014-09-03 Wolfram Schneiderimprove table design for main table
2014-09-03 Wolfram Schneiderirspy should highlight the select row, IR-354
2014-04-18 Wolfram Schneidercheck for running zebra before starting zebrasrv
2014-04-18 Wolfram Schneiderimprove debugging: use full path for zebra config file
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorAdd /toroid/ proxying for Mike's development box.
2014-02-10 Adam DickmeissLook for yaz-client; not yaz-config
2013-09-13 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-09-13 Wolfram Schneiderupdate package list
2013-09-13 Wolfram Schneiderset home=/home/indexdata
2013-09-03 Wolfram Schneideradd `check' target for regression tests
2013-09-03 Wolfram Schneiderfaster check
2013-09-03 Wolfram Schneideradd start/stop targets
2013-09-03 Wolfram Schneidercleanup
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderignore *.bak and *.old files
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneidercorrect test definition order
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderperl syntax error. Argh!
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderpermissions
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneidervery basic test
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderskip test if no zebra is running on localhost:8018
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderif ZOOM::IRSpy was not installed yet, use the version...
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderrebuild with `make manifest'
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderallow bin/setrlimit.c
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderignore *.bak files and generated ./Makefile
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneideradd to MANIFEST: bin/
2013-08-14 Wolfram Schneideradd to MANIFEST: etc/irspy-px
2013-08-13 Wolfram Schneiderset MaxClients 32, SA-457
2013-08-13 Wolfram Schneidergzip html and xml output
2013-08-13 Wolfram Schneidermap /toroid/world to CGI script irspy-toroid.cgi
2013-08-13 Wolfram Schneidermove everything under /home/indexdata
2013-08-13 Wolfram Schneidershow full path of config file in ps(1) output