fix dump
[irspy-moved-to-github.git] / zebra / Makefile
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderfix dump
2010-04-12 Wolfram Schneideruse make variables
2010-04-12 Wolfram Schneiderzebraidx needs a config file to build the test database
2010-04-12 Wolfram Schneideradd a test database for developing
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneidercreate even more directories in db/
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneidercreate db/lock if not exists
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneiderdistclean zebra directory
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneideruse a dump dir for old dumps
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneiderupdate help
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneideradd a dump target for doing a full dump of the IRSpy...
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneideradd a distclean target
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneiderbig cleanup
2007-09-13 Mike TaylorAdd "newdb" rule.
2006-06-20 Mike TaylorFix
2006-06-20 Mike TaylorMake
2006-06-01 Mike TaylorNew