normalize recordSyntaxes and domains
[irspy-moved-to-github.git] / lib / ZOOM / IRSpy /
2010-04-23 Wolfram Schneidernormalize recordSyntaxes and domains
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderremove stale $Id$
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderimport Scalar::Util to test weaken references of perl...
2007-10-31 Mike TaylorSupport for implementation names.
2007-01-24 Mike TaylorMove Zebra for port 3313 to 8018 (which is visible...
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorAdd support for analysing Explain results.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorAdd support for additional categories:
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorComment out presentChunk for now -- it seems to provoke...
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorGenerate stats for BIB-1 attributes.
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorNew, fully documented but not much code yet!