Removed some FIXMEs. Mostly comments on things that had already been fixed.
[idzebra-moved-to-github.git] / index / zebraapi.c
2004-09-03 Heikki LevantoRemoved some FIXMEs. Mostly comments on things that...
2004-08-25 Adam DickmeissMove headers zebraapi.h->idzebra/api.h, zebraver.h...
2004-08-10 Heikki LevantoAdded maxhits config option. Not yet used in present...
2004-08-10 Heikki LevantoLimiting hits to INT_MAX, because yaz can't handle...
2004-08-10 Heikki Levantousing a few more zints for hitcounts etc
2004-08-06 Adam DickmeissRemove oldest isam (isam:i)
2004-08-04 Adam DickmeissRemove log message
2004-08-04 Adam DickmeissRemove isamd. It's not been in use for a long time...
2004-07-28 Adam DickmeissUpdate Perl internals so that it matches the current...
2004-05-10 Adam DickmeissDo not use obsolete YAZ defines
2004-03-29 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in return of handle for init when authenticat...
2004-01-22 Heikki LevantoNot creating a temporary file when indexing, if there...
2004-01-22 Adam DickmeissRevise resource API to take default/override resources.
2003-11-28 Adam DickmeissBug fix: zebra_begin_trans did not always invalidate...
2003-09-05 Adam DickmeissOnly issue error 114 if all databases fail
2003-08-21 Adam DickmeissWrite to lockDir.
2003-07-07 Heikki LevantoFixed a bug in zebrash and a warning in zebraapi
2003-07-07 poprenamed perl specific sorting
2003-07-04 Adam Dickmeisszebra_records_retrieve returns -1 on error; 0 if OK
2003-06-30 Adam DickmeissImplemented drop database
2003-06-23 Heikki Levantoinsert/delete tests in zebrash, transactions...
2003-06-20 Adam DickmeissFix new yaz_log. WS
2003-06-20 Heikki LevantoCleaning zebraapi (return conventions etc)
2003-06-18 Adam DickmeissFix memory handling of quries in result sets
2003-06-17 Adam DickmeissForgot to invalidate result sets when changing from...
2003-05-22 Heikki LevantoAdded zebra api logging (on loglevel app2)
2003-05-20 Adam DickmeissHandle non-existant register area better
2003-05-20 Adam DickmeissRemoved zebra_search_rpn. Updated a few tests
2003-05-20 Adam DickmeissODR handles no longer needed for zebra_search_{rpn...
2003-05-13 Adam DickmeissCheck for open register in begin_trans
2003-04-24 Adam DickmeissHandle no database selected in zebra_begin_trans
2003-04-02 Adam DickmeissAvoid // comments
2003-03-26 Adam DickmeissIntegrated ranking algorithm from Liverpool University
2003-03-26 Adam DickmeissMissing return value
2003-03-25 Adam DickmeissFix repositoryDelete so that it uses recordId setting
2003-03-13 popadded zebra_insert_record call, function in perl api...
2003-03-12 popadded force_update option for update_record, delete_rec...
2003-03-06 Adam DickmeissScan with limiting result set
2003-03-05 Adam DickmeissWIN32/Unix installation sections
2003-03-04 Adam DickmeissCheck for bad zebra_begin_trans usage
2003-03-04 Adam Dickmeisszebra_begin_trans got extra "write" flag. zebra_begin_read
2003-03-04 popFirst cleanup, zebra_api_ext.c is epmty now
2003-02-27 popzebra_end_trans is just calling zebra_end_transaction...
2003-02-27 Adam DickmeissFix memory leak for sortKeys.buf.
2003-02-25 Adam DickmeissDont set errCode to 0 in zebra_end_trans, zebra_end_read
2003-02-12 Heikki LevantoAsserts in zebraapi, clearing the errCode
2003-02-11 Heikki LevantoMinor cleaning, removed a crash from error reporting...
2003-01-15 olegAdd macros for case insesitive string compare.
2003-01-13 olegAdd a few fixs: correct use yaz_iconv(), correct delete...
2002-11-26 Adam DickmeissRemove // comments
2002-11-18 Adam Dickmeissinit key_file_no to 0
2002-11-07 Adam DickmeissSortKey fix and better logging for extract_rec_in_mem
2002-10-30 Adam DickmeissIf installed, Zebra can operate without profilePath...
2002-10-23 Adam DickmeissFix sort. Delete dup session_lock in zebra_close
2002-10-22 Heikki LevantoAPI to the resource system, passing memMax through it.
2002-09-17 Adam DickmeissWork on ES Update
2002-09-13 Adam DickmeissMake remote adm-import and adm-create work again (via...
2002-09-13 Heikki LevantoRemoved unnecessary begin/end trans around zebra_reposi...
2002-09-06 Adam DickmeissChanged/removed various internal log mesages
2002-08-29 Adam DickmeissFix log messages
2002-08-28 Adam DickmeissZebra uses yaz_iconv
2002-08-18 Adam DickmeissGraceful error (2) if lock files cannot be accessed
2002-08-05 Adam DickmeissRemoved several annoying LOG_LOGs
2002-08-02 Adam DickmeissTowards GPL
2002-07-29 Adam DickmeissUsing data1_createx
2002-07-25 Adam DickmeissCharacter set negotiation updates
2002-07-15 Adam Dickmeissisamb experimental cache - and dummy isam
2002-07-03 Adam Dickmeissreset error for retrieve. Remove sleep call
2002-05-07 Adam Dickmeissdata1 updates. Run number fix
2002-04-26 Adam DickmeissIndex statistics working again
2002-04-23 Adam Dickmeisszebraidx prints user/sys times
2002-04-16 Adam Dickmeissisamb work
2002-04-15 Adam Dickmeisslog number of records processed, etc
2002-04-15 Adam DickmeissOption -n works again
2002-04-05 Adam DickmeissWIN32 work (doesn't compile, yet)
2002-04-05 Adam DickmeissZebra with full functionality
2002-04-04 Adam DickmeissMulti register works with record paths and data1 profil...
2002-04-04 Adam DickmeissMultiple registers (alpha early)
2002-03-27 Adam Dickmeissseqno/statevalue in register rather than session
2002-03-21 Adam Dickmeissuse lockDir. Fixes for searchResult for null/sort sets
2002-03-20 Adam DickmeissHits per term. Returned in SearchResult-1
2002-03-15 Adam Dickmeiss*** empty log message ***
2002-02-20 Adam DickmeissFixes for update
2002-02-20 Adam DickmeissWork on new API. Locking system re-implemented
2001-10-15 Adam DickmeissPOSIX thread updates. First work on term sets.
2000-12-05 Adam DickmeissTermlist source implemented (so that we can index value...
2000-12-05 Adam DickmeissFixed bug regarding user-defined attribute sets.
2000-12-01 Adam DickmeissFixed bug regarding online updates on WIN32.
2000-11-29 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with passwd db.
2000-11-29 Adam DickmeissScript configure uses yaz pthreads options. Added locki...
2000-11-08 Adam DickmeissFixed scan: server could break if bad attribute/databas...
2000-10-17 Adam DickmeissFixed notification of live-updates. Fixed minor problem...
2000-09-06 Adam DickmeissUsing read-only (for now) for server.
2000-07-07 Adam DickmeissOptimized resultSetInsert{Rank,Sort}.
2000-06-09 ianAdded some logging on Authentication and searches.
2000-05-18 Adam DickmeissSystem call times(2) used again. More 64-bit fixes.
2000-04-19 Adam DickmeissWIN32 update (this version is known not to work on...
2000-04-05 Adam DickmeissMinor zebra compile fix.
2000-04-05 Adam DickmeissOn Unix, zebra/z'mbol uses automake.
2000-03-20 Adam DickmeissAdded remote record import using Z39.50 extended servic...