Removed some FIXMEs. Mostly comments on things that had already been fixed.
[idzebra-moved-to-github.git] / index / trunc.c
2004-09-03 Heikki LevantoRemoved some FIXMEs. Mostly comments on things that...
2004-09-01 Heikki LevantoUsing the key_control block for the first key-handling...
2004-08-31 Heikki LevantoUsing proper nmems for more rsets around the system,
2004-08-31 Heikki LevantoMajor restructuring in rsets.
2004-08-25 Adam DickmeissDo not include rsm_or.h . It is dead
2004-08-24 Heikki LevantoUsing a bit more of those nmems in rsets
2004-08-24 Heikki LevantoCleaned up the creation of rsets, added nmem
2004-08-20 Heikki LevantoRemoved the term count stuff from all rsets, and fixed...
2004-08-19 Heikki Levantothe new multior. Seems to work, forwards OK, does not...
2004-08-16 Heikki LevantoAdded skeleton for multior - not at all functional...
2004-08-11 Adam DickmeissFix truncation for isam:b for deleted words (which...
2004-08-06 Adam DickmeissMore type casts due to zint.
2004-08-06 Adam DickmeissRemove oldest isam (isam:i)
2004-08-06 Adam DickmeissAdded several type casts and changed many types - mostl...
2004-08-04 Adam DickmeissRemove isamd. It's not been in use for a long time...
2003-03-26 Adam DickmeissIntegrated ranking algorithm from Liverpool University
2002-08-02 Adam DickmeissTowards GPL
2002-07-25 Adam DickmeissCharacter set negotiation updates
2002-07-12 Heikki LevantoIsam-D now stores small entries directly in the dictionary.
2002-04-16 Adam Dickmeissisamb work
2002-04-12 Adam DickmeissWork on XPATH
2002-04-05 Adam DickmeissZebra with full functionality
2002-04-04 Adam DickmeissMultiple registers (alpha early)
2002-03-20 Adam DickmeissHits per term. Returned in SearchResult-1
2001-01-16 Heikki LevantoSearching in my isam-d
2000-05-18 Adam DickmeissSystem call times(2) used again. More 64-bit fixes.
2000-03-15 Adam DickmeissFirst work on threaded version.
1999-11-30 Adam DickmeissImproved installation. Updated for inclusion of YAZ...
1999-07-20 Adam DickmeissFixed bug that occurred when phrases had 0 hits.
1999-05-26 Adam DickmeissC++ compilation.
1999-05-12 Adam DickmeissFirst version of ISAMS.
1999-02-02 Adam DickmeissUpdated WIN32 code specific sections. Changed header.
1998-03-25 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in rset_trunc_r.
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissNew result set model and modular ranking system. Moved...
1998-01-12 Adam DickmeissThe test option (-s) only uses read-lock (and not write...
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissBug fix: memory leak.
1997-09-29 Adam DickmeissMinor change.
1997-09-22 Adam DickmeissAdded get_pos method for the ranked result sets.
1997-09-17 Adam DickmeissZebra version corresponds to YAZ version 1.4.
1996-12-23 Adam DickmeissWork on truncation.
1996-12-20 Adam DickmeissMulti-or result set.
1996-11-08 Adam DickmeissBuffers used during file match got bigger.
1996-11-04 Adam DickmeissMoved truncation code to trunc.c.