Remove Ubuntu karmic from build
[idzebra-moved-to-github.git] / bfile /
2011-08-30 Adam DickmeissRemove unused variable
2011-05-19 Adam Dickmeissconfigure produces config.h
2011-02-09 Adam DickmeissHappy new year.
2010-01-14 Adam DickmeissBump copyright year
2009-01-15 Adam DickmeissUpdated footer comment
2009-01-09 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2008-12-11 Adam DickmeissAnnotations. Introduced define for CFile state.
2008-04-03 Adam DickmeissOmit CVS Id. Update copyright year.
2008-03-26 Adam DickmeissIgnore *.o, *~ files.
2008-03-12 Adam DickmeissMoved ignore files.
2007-12-18 Adam DickmeissSimplify definition
2007-12-17 Heikki LevantoImproved error reporting in case of no more space....
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdded clean-local sections to fix make distcheck
2007-11-14 Adam DickmeissIgnore logfiles
2007-11-14 Adam DickmeissUse test facility of YAZ
2007-02-10 Adam DickmeissFixed serious bug in mf_open which made it fail to...
2007-01-15 Adam Dickmeiss2007.
2007-01-15 Adam Dickmeiss2007.
2006-12-19 Adam DickmeissFix bad ptr in yaz_log debug msg
2006-12-19 Adam DickmeissAvoid file sync for read-only files.
2006-12-03 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #739: Extended service update fails with...
2006-11-14 Adam DickmeissAdded small test of mfile sub system
2006-11-14 Adam DickmeissAvoid abort. EXTRA_CHECK defined and annotated
2006-11-14 Adam DickmeissFix mf_write call in cf_commit_flat.
2006-11-14 Adam DickmeissWork on bug #550: Avoid exit. In particular the mfile...
2006-11-08 Adam DickmeissChange mfile_/cfile-functions to return error code...
2006-11-08 Adam DickmeissRemoved a few redundant comments.
2006-11-08 Adam DickmeissUse blanks rather than NULs in block (bfile test)
2006-11-08 Adam DickmeissChanged test to that bfs is reconstructed after bfs_reset.
2006-11-08 Adam DickmeissAdded test of bfile/cfile/mfile system
2006-10-10 Adam DickmeissRemoved unused local variables.
2006-10-09 Adam DickmeissSimplify and optimize commit clean operation
2006-08-14 Adam DickmeissUpdate copyright year + FSF address
2006-07-05 Adam DickmeissOmit version-info for convenience libraries
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissBuild main Bug #620.
2006-06-29 Adam DickmeissRevert. Libs installed in /usr/lib (again). Minor tweak...
2006-06-29 Adam DickmeissStore Zebra libs in <prefix>/lib/idzebra<suffix> and...
2006-06-26 Marc Crommepreparing release 2.0.0 before.bug.529
2006-06-07 Adam DickmeissUse CAST_ZINT_TO_INT in some places, so we can easily...
2006-05-10 Adam DickmeissPut local variables footer in all c, h files.
2006-05-05 Adam DickmeissImplement functions to get register usage statistics:
2006-04-05 Adam DickmeissRemove mf_unlink_name
2005-09-19 Adam DickmeissFixed bfx_open so that more_info is set to correct...
2005-06-14 Adam DickmeissUse HAVE_UNISTD_H when including unistd.h.
2005-05-17 Adam DickmeissMake bf_cache return ZEBRA_RES so we can check if shado...
2005-05-09 Adam DickmeissAdded a few files to be ignored
2005-04-18 Adam DickmeissWIN32 compile fix
2005-04-15 Adam DickmeissMany public functions returns ZEBRA_RES rather than...
2005-03-30 Adam DickmeissMoved zebrautl.h to idzebra/util.h.
2005-01-15 Adam DickmeissBump year. Change Aps->ApS
2004-12-08 Adam DickmeissMove/refactoring of public interfaces..
2004-11-19 Heikki LevantoUsing the new ylog.h everywhere, and fixing what that...
2004-09-13 Adam DickmeissFix commit (flat shadow). Bug 131
2004-08-30 Adam DickmeissUpdate cvsignore due to new type of files generated...
2004-08-24 Adam DickmeissSwitching to Libtool shared libraries for Zebra.
2004-08-06 Adam DickmeissFix term counters to be of type zint. Fix several print...
2004-08-06 Adam DickmeissAdded several type casts and changed many types - mostl...
2004-08-04 Adam DickmeissRemove isamd. It's not been in use for a long time...
2004-06-16 Adam DickmeissFor includes specs in Makefiles use AM_CPPFLAGS instead...
2003-04-05 Adam DickmeissFixed >2GB overflow with metafiles
2003-03-25 Adam Dickmeissmf_unlink delays unlink (for WIN32)
2003-02-28 Adam Dickmeiss64-bit offsets for register files on Windows
2002-08-29 Mike Tayloradd .cvsignore files
2002-08-02 Adam DickmeissTowards GPL
2002-07-25 Adam Dickmeissno fsync on WIN32
2002-07-25 Adam DickmeissCharacter set negotiation updates
2002-07-16 Heikki LevantoRemoved a crash on zebraidx init, if the register area...
2002-07-16 Heikki Levantofsync all files before closing them
2002-07-09 Adam DickmeissFix nasty bug regarding near limit register areas
2002-04-11 Adam DickmeissIndentation
2002-04-04 Adam DickmeissMulti register works with record paths and data1 profil...
2002-04-04 Adam DickmeissMultiple registers (alpha early)
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissRemoved's.
2000-11-29 Adam DickmeissScript configure uses yaz pthreads options. Added locki...
2000-10-17 Adam DickmeissFixed notification of live-updates. Fixed minor problem...
2000-10-11 Adam DickmeissUsing YAZ_INIT for autoconf. Added template code for...
2000-05-05 Adam DickmeissFixed locking for metafiles.
2000-05-02 Adam DickmeissFixed tcl configure switch.
2000-04-05 Adam DickmeissOn Unix, zebra/z'mbol uses automake.
2000-03-20 Adam DickmeissAdded remote record import using Z39.50 extended servic...
2000-03-15 Adam DickmeissFirst work on threaded version.
1999-12-08 Adam DickmeissImplemented bf_reset.
1999-11-30 Adam DickmeissImproved installation. Updated for inclusion of YAZ...
1999-10-14 Adam DickmeissAdded truncation 5=106.
1999-06-09 Adam DickmeissChanged Makefiles to NOT include ../../yaz/z39.50.
1999-05-26 Adam DickmeissC++ compilation.
1999-05-12 Adam DickmeissFirst version of ISAMS.
1999-04-28 Adam DickmeissFixed stupid bug regarding split-files.
1999-02-18 Adam DickmeissChanged file naming scheme for register files as well...
1999-02-02 Adam DickmeissUpdated WIN32 code specific sections. Changed header.
1998-10-28 Adam DickmeissUpdated makefiles to work with YC automatically.
1998-10-15 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissChanged some log messages.
1998-09-02 Adam DickmeissZebra uses GNU Configure.
1998-08-24 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-08-07 Adam DickmeissFixed but in cf_commit_flat.
1998-05-27 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in mf_write. 'Cap off' byte written at wrong...
1998-05-20 Adam DickmeissFixed register spec so that colon isn't treated as...
1998-02-17 Adam DickmeissFixed bug: binary files weren't opened with flag b...
1998-02-10 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.