disable-zoom configure option
[yazpp-moved-to-github.git] / zoom /
2003-06-10 Adam Dickmeissdisable-zoom configure option
2002-12-02 Mike TaylorAdd an explicit ZOOM:: prefix to the catch(exception...
2002-12-02 Mike Taylortweak header-comment
2002-11-30 Mike TaylorBash the implementation into the same shape as the...
2002-11-25 Mike TaylorChanges to master-header to generate an "interface...
2002-11-13 Mike TaylorRemove unused top-level diagnostic functions.
2002-11-12 Mike TaylorRemove vacuous redeclarations and redefinitions of...
2002-11-04 Mike TaylorChange $Header$ to $Id$
2002-11-04 Mike TaylorRemove Changes file -- no longer necessary to keep...
2002-11-04 Mike TaylorSubtle tweaks to ZOOM's master-header. Cosmetic only.
2002-10-30 Adam DickmeissDLL exports
2002-10-30 Adam DickmeissVisual Studio tweaks
2002-10-11 Mike Taylormemory-management hack
2002-10-10 Mike TaylorMove "secret methods" into "private:" part of classes,
2002-10-09 Adam DickmeissCommon lib
2002-10-09 Adam Dickmeisszoom.h installed in include/yaz++
2002-10-09 Mike TaylorChange the ZOOM code to generate and use "zoom.h" rathe...
2002-10-08 Mike TaylorAdd lots of commented-out debugging code, all to try...
2002-10-08 Mike TaylorCatch exceptions by reference (not that it actually...
2002-10-08 Mike Taylortweaks
2002-10-08 Mike TaylorNasty hack to ensure zoom++.h gets built.
2002-10-08 Mike TaylorAdd Makefile.in to .cvsignore
2002-10-08 Mike TaylorAdd .cvsignore
2002-10-08 Adam DickmeissAdded Makefile.am
2002-10-08 Adam Dickmeisszoom part of automake mess
2002-08-09 Mike TaylorRemove throw()-specification comment from master header.
2002-08-09 Mike TaylorAha! $(CXX) is the C++ compiler in make's world.
2002-08-08 Mike TaylorAdd CVS header.
2002-08-08 Mike TaylorAdd -ansi option to default G++ flags. That detects...
2002-08-08 Mike TaylorOops. Forgot to change zerr.cpp to zexcept.cpp in...
2002-08-08 Mike TaylorRename error classes to exception. Rename zerr.cpp
2002-08-08 Mike TaylorAdded ZOOM.