1995-05-22 Adam DickmeissClient uses prefix query notation.
1995-05-22 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerFixed problem in decoding empty sequence.
1995-05-22 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerODR_NULLVAL --> void
1995-05-22 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerReplaced empty attrlist with ODR_NULLVAL
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerAdded cleanup of lib/
1995-05-22 Sebastian Hammerremoved silly ref to libserver.
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerFixed an ODR_NULLVAL.
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerMoved yaz-ccl to util.
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerFixing Interface to odr_null.
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerAdded PDUs
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerAdded prettier client.
1995-05-22 Sebastian HammerAdding Z39.50-1992 stuff to proto.c. Adding zget.c
1995-05-22 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-05-18 Sebastian HammerDoc. update
1995-05-18 Sebastian HammerSmallish.
1995-05-17 Sebastian HammerTransfer auth info to backend. Allow backend to reject...
1995-05-17 Sebastian HammerSmall, hopefully insignificant change.
1995-05-17 Sebastian HammerAdded delete to proto & other little things.
1995-05-17 Sebastian HammerAdded delete. Fixed some sequence_begins. Smallish.
1995-05-17 Sebastian HammerRemoved dmalloc
1995-05-17 Adam DickmeissExecutable marcdump removed on make clean.
1995-05-16 Sebastian HammerFixed bug
1995-05-16 Sebastian HammerLicense, documentation, and memory fixes
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerFixed memory bug.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerZZ
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerRequest queue.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerAdded license document.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerDebuggng & adjustments.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerAsynchronous facilities. Restructuring of seshigh code.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerMore work on memory management.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerWork on asynchronous activity.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerSmallish.
1995-05-15 Sebastian HammerDocumentation & other details.
1995-05-11 Adam DickmeissNew function ccl_scan_query.
1995-05-02 Sebastian HammerTrying in vain to fix comm with ISODE
1995-05-02 Sebastian HammerDoc work
1995-04-28 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-04-21 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-04-20 Sebastian HammerCosmetic
1995-04-19 Sebastian HammerSmallish
1995-04-18 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-04-18 Sebastian HammerAdded dynamic memory allocation on encoding (whew)...
1995-04-18 Sebastian HammerAdded dynamic memory allocation on encoding
1995-04-17 Sebastian HammerSmallish
1995-04-17 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-04-11 Sebastian HammerFixed bug.
1995-04-11 Sebastian HammerFixed possible buf in proto.c
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerAdded copy of CCL and MARC display
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerAdded copy of CCL.
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerFixes.
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerSome work to add scan and other things.
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerSmallish changes.
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerTinkering.
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerAdded SCAN
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerAdded SCAN.
1995-04-10 Sebastian HammerAdded README. Mods to top-level mkf.
1995-03-31 Sebastian HammerFixed logging.
1995-03-31 Sebastian HammerAdded logging.
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerLittle mods.
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerAdded RFC1006 as separate library
1995-03-30 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerAdded rfc1006
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerSmallish
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerFixed bug.
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerAdded info.
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerAdded log.o
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerLogging system
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerAdded Term structure
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerMoved .h files to include directory
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerAdded state-handle and some support for asynchronous...
1995-03-30 Sebastian HammerAdded Resource control protocol
1995-03-29 Sebastian HammerOngoing work. Statserv is now dynamic by default
1995-03-29 Sebastian HammerFixed bugs in the bitmask operations
1995-03-29 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-03-29 Sebastian HammerAdded a few v3 elements
1995-03-28 Sebastian HammerAdded record packing to the search request
1995-03-28 Sebastian HammerFixed bug in the printing mode
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded some includes for better portability
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded include of sys/types to further portability
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerCreated util library
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded dynamic server functionality.
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded more OID utilities.
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerSimple
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded OID database
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded util
1995-03-22 Sebastian HammerAdjusting record packing.
1995-03-22 Sebastian HammerWorking on record packer
1995-03-22 Sebastian HammerAdded echo in loop.
1995-03-21 Sebastian HammerLittle changes.
1995-03-21 Sebastian HammerBeginning to add support for record packing.
1995-03-21 Sebastian HammerFixed little bug in decoder.
1995-03-20 Sebastian HammerFixed bug in ber_oid
1995-03-20 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-03-20 Sebastian HammerAdded osi support.
1995-03-20 Sebastian HammerAdded odr_mem to library
1995-03-20 Sebastian HammerAdded depend NOP
1995-03-20 Sebastian HammerWorking towards v3