2009-08-14 Adam DickmeissAllow empty CQL transform in cql2pqf (and reverse)
2009-07-31 Adam DickmeissAdd link to MARCXML and MarcXhange Web content
2009-07-31 Adam DickmeissMention ISO25577
2009-07-31 Adam DickmeissMarcXchange NS is now info:lc/xmlns/marcxchange-v1
2009-07-29 Adam DickmeissExtend z_External to handle all extended services
2009-07-13 Adam DickmeissRemove obsolete Doxygen setting
2009-07-09 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2009-07-09 Adam DickmeissUpdate to new ID URLs
2009-07-08 Adam DickmeissDescribe option -V of yaz-config
2009-07-08 Adam DickmeissVersion 3.0.47 v3.0.47
2009-07-03 Adam DickmeissAllow yaz_xml2query to throw a certain diagnostic
2009-06-18 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into longint
2009-06-18 Adam DickmeissIntroduce type for BER BOOLEAN/INTEGER .
2009-06-16 Adam DickmeissCQL sortby parsing, no semantics yet
2009-06-16 Adam DickmeissAdd type casts for tests for C++ compile
2009-06-16 Adam DickmeissAdd type casts to make YAZ C++ compile
2009-06-16 Adam Dickmeiss64-bit BER integers. Fixes bug #114.
2009-06-09 Adam DickmeissAvoid #if inside macro expansion
2009-06-09 Adam DickmeissCCL: test case for bug #2895
2009-06-09 Adam DickmeissRename frontend.xml to server.xml
2009-06-09 Adam DickmeissIgnore program tstxmalloc
2009-06-09 Adam DickmeissFix unix socket example and reformat
2009-06-08 Adam DickmeissVersion 3.0.46 v3.0.46
2009-06-08 Adam DickmeissVersion 3.0.46
2009-06-08 Adam DickmeissSummarize news
2009-06-08 Adam DickmeissZOOM_record_get only returns OPAC record if present
2009-06-08 Adam DickmeissRefactor wrbuf tmps for ZOOM_record_get
2009-06-08 Adam DickmeissRemove unused local member wrbuf_opac
2009-06-08 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM record render code and fix #2892.
2009-05-20 Adam Dickmeisspost/postrun calls ldconfig
2009-05-20 Adam DickmeissFix RPM build for RHEL 5.3 v3.0.45.rhel53
2009-05-13 Adam Dickmeissyaz-config -V shows version + SHA1 (Bug #2829)
2009-05-07 Adam DickmeissPrefer IPV6 addresses over IPV4 - should refix bug...
2009-05-05 Adam DickmeissSmall fix for encoding of advancegreek
2009-05-01 Adam Dickmeissbuildconf.sh uses only Libtool flags when present
2009-05-01 Adam DickmeissAvoid double display of SRU/SRW records (bug #2798).
2009-04-30 Adam DickmeissDoxygen comments for xmalloc utils. Reformat
2009-04-30 Adam DickmeissAdded xstrndup (similar to strndup)
2009-04-29 Adam DickmeissOption auto_reconnect=on really reconnects.
2009-04-29 Adam DickmeissFix bug #2770 - avoid length limit for auth parameters.
2009-04-14 Adam DickmeissAvoid GCC warning about conversion from integer to...
2009-04-06 Adam DickmeissAvoid null ptr ref for for yaz_poll errors.
2009-03-31 Adam DickmeissAvoid redundant dependency v3.0.45
2009-03-31 Adam DickmeissVersion 3.0.45
2009-03-30 Adam DickmeissUpdate news
2009-03-29 Adam DickmeissReindent
2009-03-29 Adam DickmeissReindent
2009-03-29 Adam DickmeissFix doc WRT ZOOM opts start, doc (bug #2198)
2009-03-28 Adam DickmeissFix trace prints for buffer ptrs
2009-03-28 Adam DickmeissFix bug #2709: TCP connect returns Invalid argument.
2009-03-26 Adam DickmeissAdd yaz_clone_z_RecordComposition.
2009-03-26 Adam DickmeissBump version to 3.0.45 due to new functions.
2009-03-26 Adam DickmeissRework copy/clone of ASN.1 type utilities.
2009-03-11 Adam DickmeissFix compilation for mingw.
2009-03-10 Adam DickmeissInclude yaz/errno.h in source that uses YAZ' errno...
2009-03-10 Adam DickmeissMoved errno utility declarations to errno.h.
2009-03-10 Adam DickmeissError utils in separate file and _REENTRANT mode.
2009-03-10 Adam DickmeissUpdated m4.
2009-03-10 Adam DickmeissHonor charset for raw records (ZOOM_record_get).
2009-03-06 Adam DickmeissFixed args passing with blanks for Windows Service
2009-03-02 Adam DickmeissOutput to real file rather than .tmp
2009-03-02 Adam DickmeissOutput file generated at very end rather than at beginning.
2009-03-02 Adam DickmeissDoxygen comment fixes
2009-03-01 Adam DickmeissNote about icu_I18N.h being unstable
2009-03-01 Adam DickmeissDocument a little.
2009-03-01 Adam DickmeissFunction icu_chain_create is now private.
2009-03-01 Adam DickmeissDocument yaz_errno utils
2009-02-23 Adam DickmeissRemoved redundant statement
2009-02-23 Adam DickmeissUpdated doc/common.
2009-02-22 Adam DickmeissDisable YAZ' own log rotate by default (no 1 GB limit).
2009-02-17 Adam DickmeissUpdate version in NEWS v3.0.44
2009-02-17 Adam DickmeissVersion 3.0.44.
2009-02-17 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #2530: yaz listener broken on Vista.
2009-02-16 Adam DickmeissDont assume error if fgets returns NULL
2009-02-06 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2009-02-05 Adam DickmeissFixed typo in transliterate rule
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissOne more redundant line.
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissRemoved unused file.
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissAll debian build ignores in debian/.gitignore
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissSpell fix
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissList danmarc as supported encoding
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissDescribe character set semantics a little more
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissRefer explicitly to yaz-iconv man page
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissFixed reference to yaz-iconv man
2009-02-04 Adam Dickmeissfixed list of encodings (added listitem tags)
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissRemoved unused source file.
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissList encodings supported by YAZ. Bug #2513.
2009-02-04 Adam Dickmeissyaz-marcdump refers to yaz_iconv
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS.
2009-02-04 Adam DickmeissRevert "Removed OID record syntax application-xml."
2009-02-03 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2009-02-02 Adam DickmeissUpdate news. Version 3.0.42. v3.0.42
2009-02-02 Adam DickmeissBump year to 2009
2009-02-02 Adam DickmeissBump year
2009-01-30 Adam DickmeissFixed missing SSL libs for --libs output
2009-01-29 Adam DickmeissAdded member named_result_sets for init handler struct...
2009-01-29 Adam DickmeissRemoved OID record syntax application-xml.
2009-01-20 Adam DickmeissAdded support for rule-based transliterator for ICU...
2009-01-20 Adam DickmeissRename normalize to transform