2012-05-09 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.33 v4.2.33
2012-05-09 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2012-05-09 Adam DickmeissYAZ_EXPORT yaz_srw_sortkeys_to_sort_spec
2012-05-09 Adam DickmeissMore pointers in Doxygen mainpage
2012-05-09 Adam Dickmeissdaemon: new scheme for graceful termination
2012-05-07 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2012-05-07 Dennis SchafrothExample of punctuals removal at sentence end
2012-05-07 Dennis SchafrothExample of punctuals removal at sentence end
2012-05-03 Adam Dickmeissdaemon: further tweaks to keepalive handling
2012-05-01 Adam Dickmeissdaemon: exit monitor process for SIG{HUP,TERM,USR1}
2012-05-01 Adam DickmeissBuild for Ubuntu precise, no build for maverick
2012-04-26 Adam DickmeissFix yaz_xml_include_simple to return -1 on failure
2012-04-25 Adam Dickmeissyaz_url_exec: minor adjustments to log msgs
2012-04-25 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.32 v4.2.32
2012-04-25 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2012-04-25 Adam DickmeissAdd some Bib-1/SRU diagnostics + mappings
2012-04-24 Adam DickmeissDo not build for Debian lenny anymore
2012-04-23 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.31 v4.2.31
2012-04-17 Adam DickmeissYAZ daemon utility relays SIGUSR1 to child process
2012-04-17 Adam DickmeissZOOM: handle trailing slash for Z39.50 urls
2012-04-16 Adam DickmeissFix reading beyond string in yaz_sort_spec
2012-04-11 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.30 v4.2.30
2012-04-04 Adam DickmeissUpdate Bib-1/SRU diagnostic map for 236, 1015
2012-04-04 Adam Dickmeissadd two new SRU diagnostics
2012-04-03 Mike TaylorDocument the very useful ZOOM-C option "apdulog".
2012-03-23 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2012-03-23 Adam DickmeissCQL to RPN: term may be passed through verbatim
2012-03-23 Wolfram Schneiderupdate packages names for FreeBSD
2012-03-20 Adam DickmeissCCL: fix spell error in message
2012-03-20 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.29 v4.2.29
2012-03-20 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2012-03-20 Adam Dickmeissyaz-marcdump man: quote in leader spec example
2012-03-08 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: allow user-XSLT params
2012-03-08 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: leader spec may be given for marc element
2012-03-08 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: fix error handling for marc charsets mis
2012-03-07 Adam DickmeissCQL: fix extra terms in wrong order
2012-03-06 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.28 v4.2.28
2012-03-06 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2012-03-06 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2012-03-02 Adam DickmeissUpdate doc/common and m4
2012-03-02 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: change construct prototype
2012-03-02 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: modify new API for conversion types
2012-03-01 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: 2nd attempt compile wo Libxml2
2012-03-01 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: proper diagnostic for unhandled types
2012-03-01 Adam DickmeissMove yaz_record_conv_type to XML2-only area
2012-03-01 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: extensible conversion
2012-03-01 Adam DickmeissComment fix to make Doxygen happy
2012-02-29 Adam DickmeissAvoid mixed stmt/var declare
2012-02-28 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.27 v4.2.27
2012-02-28 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2012-02-28 Adam DickmeissDiagnostic map tweaks for "Database does not exist"
2012-02-28 Adam DickmeissAdd SRU diagnostic 235: Database does not exist
2012-02-24 Adam DickmeissReformat (no code changes)
2012-02-24 Adam Dickmeissretrieval: only one <backend> section allowed
2012-02-24 Adam DickmeissCCL: ccl_err_msg returns 0 ptr for invalid ccl_errno
2012-02-24 Adam DickmeissCCL: add two new diagnostics for unsupported masking
2012-02-23 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.26 v4.2.26
2012-02-23 Adam DickmeissCCL: fix use of "term" field in sub queries
2012-02-17 Adam DickmeissUpdate doc/common
2012-01-17 Adam DickmeissFix 0 ptr ref in tcpd usage (host unknown)
2012-01-11 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.25 v4.2.25
2012-01-11 Adam DickmeissAdd Ubuntu Oneiric
2012-01-09 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2012-01-09 Adam DickmeissChanges to NEWS
2012-01-05 Adam DickmeissAdd some tests for CCL for new proximity behavior
2012-01-05 Adam DickmeissCCL: allow parantheses for prox operands
2011-12-30 Adam DickmeissGFS: fix bend_assoc_is_alive
2011-12-21 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.24 v4.2.24
2011-12-21 Adam DickmeissChanges
2011-12-21 Adam DickmeissAdd test case for cql_sortby_to_sortkeys (sort prefix)
2011-12-21 Adam Dickmeisscql_sortby_to_sortkeys: honor sort prefix
2011-12-20 Adam DickmeissRPN to CQL: always quote resulting terms
2011-12-20 Adam DickmeissFix CQL to CCL conversion for multiple terms
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.23 v4.2.23
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissMore consisten look of NEWS
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissUpdate dependency version
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissUpdate news
2011-12-15 Adam Dickmeissconfigure.ac not needed for Windows package
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissIDMETA part of Windows package
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissPass IDMETA to mk_version.tcl
2011-12-15 Adam Dickmeissmk_version.tcl gets version from IDMETA
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissAdd tests for yaz_uri_to_array and yaz_array_to_uri
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissAllow =val to be omitted for yaz_uri_to_array
2011-12-07 Adam DickmeissFix Doxygen filename
2011-12-07 Adam DickmeissRefactor SRU/Z39.50 diag map utils to diag_map.c
2011-12-05 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.22 v4.2.22
2011-12-05 Adam DickmeissAdd ZOOM_connection_save_apdu_wrbuf
2011-11-25 Adam Dickmeissbuildconf removes autom4te.cache
2011-11-24 Adam DickmeissAdd tests of CQL to CCL+sortkeys conversion
2011-11-24 Adam DickmeissCQL to CCL: add ()s for boolean sub terms
2011-11-24 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2011-11-23 Adam DickmeissRemove Ubuntu karmic from build
2011-11-23 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.2.21 v4.2.21
2011-11-23 Adam Dickmeisscql_sortby_to_sortkeys - fix pr_n
2011-11-23 Adam Dickmeisstest_ccl: add special qualifier tests
2011-11-23 Adam Dickmeissccl: honor @truncation again
2011-11-18 Adam DickmeissDiagnostic mapping: tweak 10, 108 mappings
2011-11-18 Adam DickmeissChange diagnostic code mapping for Bib-1: "Unsupported...
2011-11-15 Adam DickmeissRefactor icu_chain_create
2011-11-15 Adam DickmeissReformat, remove a few redundant type casts