2011-01-07 Adam DickmeissSet YAZ_VERSION (php-yaz relies on it)
2011-01-07 Adam DickmeissUpdate copyright-year
2011-01-06 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2010-12-23 Adam DickmeissUpdate m4
2010-12-22 Adam Dickmeissyaz-config: Use exec_prefix, libdir, includedir
2010-12-20 Adam DickmeissRPM: make it relocatable
2010-12-20 Adam DickmeissMoved yaz.spec.in to yaz.spec
2010-11-16 Dennis SchafrothReturn no yaz_stemmer on misconfiguration. Handle null...
2010-11-12 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-11-12 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-11-12 Adam DickmeissBundle more stemmer sources with dist
2010-11-12 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-11-12 Dennis SchafrothFix: using right destroy method
2010-11-11 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-11-11 Dennis SchafrothFix: Destroy utf8 buffer with utf-8 buffer destroy
2010-11-11 Adam DickmeissUsing different ICU diagnostic code
2010-11-11 Dennis SchafrothUps... memory leak
2010-11-11 Dennis SchafrothTest for stemming
2010-11-11 Dennis SchafrothStemmer implementation working.
2010-11-11 Dennis SchafrothFix copy and paste code
2010-11-10 Dennis SchafrothAdd Snowball API implementation
2010-11-10 Dennis SchafrothUpdated to slimmed down snowball library: English/porte...
2010-11-10 Dennis SchafrothFirst implementation of yaz_stemmer API. Can compile.
2010-11-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate libstemmer_c
2010-11-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate to new current libstemmer_c
2010-11-10 Adam DickmeissStemmer C sources part of libyaz_icu library
2010-11-10 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into stemming
2010-11-09 Dennis SchafrothIgnore some eclipse setting
2010-11-09 Dennis SchafrothAdd config.h stuff
2010-11-09 Dennis SchafrothAdd libstemmer_c (Snowball) as sub module
2010-11-09 Adam DickmeissDeb: announce 4.1.0 because of new JSON OID
2010-11-08 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' into stemming
2010-11-08 Dennis SchafrothModify icu_chain to support yaz stemming
2010-11-08 Dennis SchafrothAdd yaz stemmer file
2010-11-08 Dennis SchafrothAdd Stemming API (following ICU transforms)
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissICU: refactor step creation
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissICU: add test for multi-line rule
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissDont work with NULL chains
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissICU: remove check for attr rule (not required)
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissICU rules may be specified as CDATA below the rule
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissReformat
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissUpdate ICU URL
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissReformat
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissMore consistent ICU info. Update URLs to ICU info
2010-11-03 Adam DickmeissUpdate configure to generate config.h
2010-11-02 Adam Dickmeisstest_file_glob: return two files in test
2010-11-02 Adam Dickmeissyaz_file_glob sorts files
2010-11-02 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.1.2 v4.1.2
2010-11-02 Adam DickmeissMention @6 special hostname
2010-11-01 Adam DickmeissUse yaz_log to print info about events; not printf
2010-10-29 Adam DickmeissPut yaz_log private data in non-static data
2010-10-26 Adam Dickmeissbuildconf.sh -d: use --with-pic
2010-10-26 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-10-26 Adam Dickmeisstcp comstack: change behavior for @-specs (anyaddr)
2010-10-25 Adam Dickmeissyaz-icu: avoid deprecated ICU API
2010-10-25 Adam Dickmeissyaz-icu: mention libicu-dev; not old libicu36-dev
2010-10-21 Dennis SchafrothMention SOLR where SRU.
2010-10-21 Dennis SchafrothFixed spelling error. Add SOLR client only comment
2010-10-21 Dennis SchafrothMention SOLR with other protocols
2010-10-21 Dennis SchafrothAdd comment on SOLR non-usage of version
2010-10-21 Dennis SchafrothAdd SOLR version. mentioning SOLR togetheer with Z39...
2010-10-13 Adam DickmeissRPM: comma separate package lists (requires)
2010-10-12 Adam DickmeissDLL Export a few more
2010-10-12 Adam DickmeissAdd missing SOLR obj for Windows
2010-10-12 Adam DickmeissAdd missing %s
2010-10-12 Adam DickmeissUbuntu maverick
2010-10-11 Adam DickmeissFirst go at 64-bit install using NSIS
2010-10-11 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-10-11 Adam DickmeissAllow compilation without Libxml2 support (again)
2010-10-11 Adam DickmeissUse casts rather than floor(3)
2010-10-07 Dennis SchafrothDescribe ZOOM_facet_field_name
2010-10-06 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-10-06 Dennis SchafrothEclipse project
2010-10-06 Dennis SchafrothRemove double-check on facet_list. Add facets parse...
2010-10-06 Dennis SchafrothAdd Facets sections, describing the Facets retrieval...
2010-10-06 Adam DickmeissMove yaz-config man pages to section 1
2010-10-06 Adam DickmeissDoc: update to DB 4.4. More metadata for man pages
2010-10-05 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.1.1 v4.1.1
2010-10-05 Adam DickmeissFix yaz-config (echo_source not set)
2010-10-05 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home... v4.1.0
2010-10-05 Adam DickmeissFix obj filename
2010-10-05 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.1.0
2010-09-23 Adam Dickmeisszoomsh: display piggyback recs again
2010-09-23 Adam DickmeissGFS: no-keepalive option, mostly for testing
2010-09-23 Adam DickmeissAvoid lost events (bug #3694)
2010-09-23 Adam Dickmeisszoomsh: print events if in async mode
2010-09-23 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-09-23 Adam Dickmeisszoomtst3: print event name
2010-09-23 Adam DickmeissUsing YAZ_OPTIONS_-defines
2010-09-23 Adam DickmeissNot using GNU threads anymore
2010-09-22 Dennis SchafrothAdded debug logging to verify ZOOM_EVENT_RECV_SEARCH
2010-09-22 Dennis SchafrothCosmetic
2010-09-15 Adam DickmeissAdd SOLR material for ZOOM and yaz-client
2010-09-15 Adam DickmeissUpdate doc/common
2010-09-15 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-09-15 Adam DickmeissSimplify yaz-config a bit
2010-09-13 Adam DickmeissAdd record syntax JSON / private Index Data OID
2010-09-09 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-09-09 Dennis SchafrothWork-around to be removed
2010-09-09 Dennis SchafrothAdd facet.mincount=1 to avoid "ghost" facets