2004-04-26 Adam DickmeissUpdate ASN.1 for UserInfoFormat-multipleSearchTerms-2.
2004-04-22 Adam DickmeissCheck for HTMLFILES
2004-04-22 Adam DickmeissRevert
2004-04-22 Adam DickmeissMention new docs on MARC
2004-04-22 Adam DickmeissDocument MARC API
2004-04-17 Adam DickmeissFix --disable-tcpd to really disable tcpd. Patch by...
2004-04-16 Mike TaylorIgnore generated test programs.
2004-04-14 Adam DickmeissFix code for ODR_DEBUG. Thanks to Ian Ibbotson
2004-04-11 Adam DickmeissMake buildconf.sh part of dist
2004-04-07 Adam DickmeissCheck class for display of XML/HTML
2004-04-07 Adam DickmeissDisplay records even if OID is unknown
2004-04-06 Adam DickmeissFixed charset spec parsing for ZOOM_record_get
2004-03-30 Adam DickmeissFix RedHat package due to rename of CHANGELOG to NEWS
2004-03-29 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.19 YAZ.2.0.19
2004-03-29 Adam DickmeissRename CHANGELOG to NEWS
2004-03-29 Adam DickmeissFix bug with missing initialization of member in init_d...
2004-03-24 Adam DickmeissSpell fix
2004-03-20 Adam DickmeissRephrase note
2004-03-20 Adam DickmeissUse "" instead of 0 for last field 'from'. And test... YAZ.2.0.18
2004-03-20 Adam DickmeissUse wrbuf_xmlputs_n instead of wrbuf_write_cdata to...
2004-03-19 Adam DickmeissBuild 2
2004-03-19 Adam DickmeissFix a few links. Mention zlib.
2004-03-19 Adam DickmeissMake zlib.dll part of YAZ if libxml2 is enabled
2004-03-17 Adam DickmeissFix date in top YAZ.2.0.17
2004-03-17 Adam DickmeissUse libxml2-2.6.7 and iconv-1.9.1
2004-03-17 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.17 YAZ.2.0.17.debian.1
2004-03-17 Adam DickmeissFix encoding of xsd:string to use text instead of CDATA
2004-03-17 Adam DickmeissFix endless loop in CQL parser with unbalanced
2004-03-17 Adam DickmeissUse more compact way to store MARC-8 conversion tables YAZ.2.0.16.yazp
2004-03-17 Adam DickmeissIndentation
2004-03-16 Adam DickmeissDepend on charconv.tcl
2004-03-16 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.16 YAZ.2.0.16.debian.1
2004-03-16 Adam DickmeissGet rid of a few warnings
2004-03-16 Adam DickmeissRemove unused var
2004-03-16 Adam DickmeissGet rid of table
2004-03-16 Adam DickmeissAll MARC-8 codetables, but G1 uncertain
2004-03-15 Adam DickmeissAllow length 100 for cjk conversion
2004-03-15 Adam DickmeissUse unsigned short rather than int for char conversion...
2004-03-15 Adam DickmeissSkip multiple of ($, in MARC-8 ESC sequence
2004-03-15 Adam DickmeissExtend MARC-8 to handle ESC-G0 EACC. Fix conversion...
2004-03-11 Adam DickmeissMention Olegs fix
2004-03-11 olegFixed error with UTF8 <-> UCS4, UCS4LE encoding (revers...
2004-03-11 Adam DickmeissUpdate cql2xcql, cql2pqf to use options (same style)
2004-03-10 Adam DickmeissAdd shelvingData too for OPAC XML
2004-03-10 Adam DickmeissShow OPAC shelvingData
2004-03-10 Adam DickmeissMention origin
2004-03-10 Adam DickmeissMake cql test work if srcdir != .
2004-03-10 Adam DickmeissAdd yaz-config to DISTCLEANFILES
2004-03-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate CQL parser to use CQL 1.1 modifiers for booleans and
2004-03-09 Adam DickmeissRemove fprintf about bad null
2004-03-01 Adam DickmeissAnother fix for decoding of XML packed records. Version... YAZ.2.0.15
2004-02-26 Adam DickmeissMap SRW unsupported relation modifier to Bib-1: 117
2004-02-25 Adam DickmeissUpdate Changes
2004-02-25 Adam DickmeissSkip HTTP chunk extension (if present). Towards 2.0.14.
2004-02-25 Adam DickmeissInitialize content_{len,buf} always
2004-02-25 Adam DickmeissDebian yaz-2.0.13-2 YAZ.
2004-02-24 Adam DickmeissFix Debian package to announce >= 2.0.13
2004-02-23 Adam DickmeissRewrite changes.
2004-02-23 Adam DickmeissUpdate NS for SRW diagnostic elements.
2004-02-23 Adam DickmeissUse default namespace for SRW diagnostic elements
2004-02-23 Adam DickmeissUpdate year
2004-02-23 Adam DickmeissFix use of strcasecmp for WIN32 YAZ.2.0.13
2004-02-23 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.13
2004-02-23 Adam DickmeissImplement ZOOM_resultset_{sort,cache_reset} which sorts...
2004-02-19 Adam DickmeissUse 1.1 by default
2004-02-19 Adam Dickmeisshttp_version var
2004-02-19 Adam DickmeissImplement chunked HTTP transfer
2004-02-19 Adam DickmeissSupport Transfer-Encoding: chunked
2004-02-19 Adam DickmeissDefine for CHUNK_DEBUG
2004-02-17 Adam DickmeissMention tcl
2004-02-17 Marc Crommebuild-dependencies added
2004-02-16 Adam DickmeissFor SSL, use -lssl -lcrypto on systems that don't have...
2004-02-16 Adam DickmeissFix type cast warning issued by GCC 3.3.3
2004-02-16 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.12 YAZ.2.0.12
2004-02-16 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.12
2004-02-16 Adam Dickmeiss2.0.11 YAZ.2.0.11
2004-02-16 Adam DickmeissInclude stdlib.h for zoom.h
2004-02-15 Adam DickmeissSet default preferred/maximum record size to 1 MB
2004-02-14 Adam DickmeissSRW/SRU update: use uri instead of code for diagnostic
2004-02-14 Adam DickmeissAdded init command for yaz-client which sends extra...
2004-02-11 Adam DickmeissFixed two bugs in OID codec - ber_oidc. Throw error...
2004-02-11 Adam DickmeissFixed a bug in ASN.1 compiler that caused Type-1 Operat...
2004-02-11 Adam DickmeissMake separate error code for invalid query
2004-02-09 Adam DickmeissNew Debian Policy
2004-02-09 Adam DickmeissFixed compilation for SSL YAZ.2.0.10.old.debian.policy
2004-02-09 Adam DickmeissEnsure that YAZ is compiled with libwrap
2004-02-05 Adam DickmeissRemove extra AC_MSG_RESULT entry YAZ.2.0.10
2004-02-05 Adam Dickmeiss2.0.10
2004-02-05 Adam DickmeissAllows second argument for YAZ_INIT to hold required...
2004-01-27 Adam DickmeissUse prefix for SRW diagset in ZOOM
2004-01-27 Adam DickmeissSRW diagnostic code now a URI
2004-01-26 Mike TaylorRolling tweaks, not yet running
2004-01-23 Adam DickmeissAllow any PDU size if preferredMessageSize is 0
2004-01-23 Adam DickmeissASN.1 compiler sets Type pointer to NULL when DECODING...
2004-01-22 Adam DickmeissAllow recordID{Opaque,Number} to be se for ES upÃdate
2004-01-18 Adam DickmeissDebian sample init.d YAZ server script
2004-01-18 Adam DickmeissFixed PID file so it is generated after fork (-r & -D)
2004-01-17 Adam DickmeissImplement option -D, -p for GFS
2004-01-16 Adam DickmeissMake ZOOM C recognize option password
2004-01-15 Adam DickmeissFix sequence of diagnostic element