1996-01-02 Sebastian HammerMoved to pl3
1996-01-02 Sebastian HammerChanged enums in the ASN.1 .h files to #defines. Change...
1995-12-15 Sebastian HammerAdded formatted-text.
1995-12-15 Sebastian HammerAdded formatted text.
1995-12-15 Sebastian HammerAdded formatted_text.
1995-12-15 Sebastian HammerAdded bodyofDisplay
1995-12-14 Sebastian HammerMore explain stuff.
1995-12-14 Sebastian HammerWork on Explain
1995-12-14 Sebastian HammerAdded Explain record syntax to the format command.
1995-12-14 Sebastian HammerFixed bug in tagging.
1995-12-13 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-12-13 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-12-13 Sebastian HammerAdded SGML-output filter.
1995-12-13 Sebastian HammerAdded sgml-output.
1995-12-13 Sebastian HammerModified Data1-system to use nmem
1995-12-13 Sebastian HammerFirst kick.
1995-12-12 Sebastian HammerAdded destroy element to data1_node.
1995-12-12 Sebastian HammerMore work on the large-record problem.
1995-12-12 Sebastian HammerMinimal.
1995-12-11 Sebastian HammerAdded last_child field to the node.
1995-12-11 Sebastian HammerAdded last_child field to the node.
1995-12-11 Sebastian HammerWork.
1995-12-06 Sebastian HammerFixed YAZ library
1995-12-06 Sebastian Hammer1.0pl2
1995-12-06 Adam DickmeissMinus alone not treated as an option.
1995-12-06 Sebastian HammerFixed the log-prefix buffer - it was too small and...
1995-12-06 Sebastian HammerBad #define.
1995-12-06 Sebastian HammerWork.
1995-12-06 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-12-05 Sebastian HammerWork.
1995-12-05 Adam DickmeissFixed verbose of xrealloc.
1995-12-05 Sebastian HammerAdded global lbuf to data1_node.
1995-12-05 Sebastian HammerRemoved \r introduced from the Windows port somehow.
1995-12-05 Sebastian HammerMoved some paranthesises around. Sigh.
1995-12-05 Sebastian HammerFixed malloc of 0.
1995-12-05 Sebastian HammerWork.
1995-12-05 Sebastian Hammer1.0pl1
1995-12-05 Adam DickmeissMore verbose malloc routines.
1995-12-04 Sebastian HammerAdded abreviated GILS tags.
1995-11-28 Sebastian Hammerv1.0
1995-11-28 Sebastian HammerVersion 1.0
1995-11-28 Sebastian HammerWork.
1995-11-27 Sebastian HammerWork
1995-11-21 Sebastian HammerWork
1995-11-17 Adam DickmeissAdded new option '-c' to specify configuration name...
1995-11-17 Adam DickmeissInstall action added.
1995-11-15 Sebastian HammerSmallish
1995-11-15 Sebastian HammerAdded profile documentation.
1995-11-13 Sebastian HammerFiddling with the variant stuff.
1995-11-08 Sebastian HammerFixed title ref.
1995-11-08 Sebastian HammerSmallish.
1995-11-08 Sebastian HammerLog of close transmit.
1995-11-07 Sebastian HammerAdded support for forcing TIMEOUT event.
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerMaking data1 look for tables in data1_tabpath
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerAdded tables.
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerMinor adjustments
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerData1 module now lives in YAZ.
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerSecond attempt to fix same bug.
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerAdded Xmalloc.
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerFixed bug in elementsetname-handling in piggybacked...
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerAdded Retrieval (data management) functions en masse.
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerAdded xmalloc.c
1995-10-30 Sebastian HammerAdded hostname lookup for server.
1995-10-25 Sebastian HammerSimple.
1995-10-25 Sebastian HammerStupid bug in odr_malloc
1995-10-18 Sebastian HammerBetter diagnostics. Added special case in NULL to handl...
1995-10-18 Sebastian HammerBetter diagnostics.
1995-10-18 Sebastian HammerAdded a couple of special cases to handle the WAIS...
1995-10-16 Sebastian HammerChanges to provide Especs to the backend.
1995-10-13 Sebastian HammerAdded OID utility
1995-10-12 Sebastian HammerAdded Espec-1.
1995-10-11 Sebastian HammerSmallish.
1995-10-10 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-10-06 Sebastian HammerAdded access macros
1995-10-06 Sebastian HammerAdded Write-buffer.
1995-09-29 Sebastian HammerSmallish
1995-09-29 Sebastian HammerMore Windows work
1995-09-28 Sebastian HammerWindows changes
1995-09-28 Sebastian HammerAdded central config file.
1995-09-28 Sebastian HammerWindows-support changes
1995-09-27 Sebastian HammerModified function heads & prototypes.
1995-09-15 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-09-12 Sebastian HammerAdded a looker-upper by name.
1995-09-12 Sebastian HammerAdded some oids.
1995-09-12 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerReset timeouts.
1995-08-29 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerAdded second half of close-handshake
1995-08-29 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerAdded Diagnostic Format
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerAdded code to receive close
1995-08-29 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerAdded code to send close
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerSmall.
1995-08-28 Sebastian HammerA
1995-08-28 Sebastian HammerClient can now ask for simple element set names.
1995-08-28 Sebastian HammerAdded extra choice-entry to data to catch visiblestring.
1995-08-28 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-08-24 Sebastian HammerBeta 3
1995-08-24 Sebastian HammerTypos.