2007-02-21 Adam DickmeissChanged task queue management a little for ZOOM C.
2007-02-21 Adam DickmeissAdded test for checking ZOOM task/event handling.
2007-02-20 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #900: Configure warnings on FreeBSD.
2007-02-20 Adam DickmeissFixed spelling
2007-02-20 Adam DickmeissFix type of thread id
2007-02-17 Adam DickmeissFixed compilation and tests for case where Libxml2...
2007-02-08 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #615: Document retrievalInfo facilities for...
2007-02-08 Adam DickmeissUpdate retrievalinfo example.
2007-02-08 Adam DickmeissUpdate example.
2007-02-08 Adam DickmeissDescribe the asterisk substution for CQL to RPN mappings.
2007-02-07 Mike TaylorIntroduce zoom_yaz_str_to_z3950oid() wrapper, which...
2007-02-07 Mike TaylorFix comment.
2007-02-07 Adam DickmeissImplemented pass-through CQL-to-PQF conversions. Bug...
2007-02-05 Adam DickmeissDo not print leading space when log level 'notime'...
2007-02-04 Sebastian HammerFixed overly ambitional conditional which led to incorr...
2007-02-01 Adam DickmeissOnly use XML standard entities
2007-01-31 Adam DickmeissBad entity '&nums;'
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissCapture Ctrl-C and save history
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissDo not save command history if it is empty
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #832: Problem with MARC/charset in yaz-client.
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissFix misleading comment
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #668: save command line history for yaz-clien...
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #830: pkg-config support. YAZ installs yaz...
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #831: New yaz-client command: 'source'.
2007-01-23 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.1.49.
2007-01-23 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.1.48. YAZ.2.1.48
2007-01-23 Adam DickmeissMore news.
2007-01-23 Adam DickmeissExtended ZOOM result set options with two options that...
2007-01-22 Adam DickmeissRule 'make yazj.pdf' produces PDF using jade. Good...
2007-01-22 Adam DickmeissImplemented alternative Item Order package for ZOOM...
2007-01-22 Adam DickmeissRemove dead code
2007-01-20 Mike TaylorIgnore three more files.
2007-01-19 Adam DickmeissUsing dblatex instead of pdfjadetex
2007-01-19 Adam DickmeissAdded authorgroup for author(s). Added releaseinfo.
2007-01-19 Adam DickmeissFor GFS, display COMSTACK error when cs_bind fails.
2007-01-19 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #827: Using SSL fails on Debian etch. Fixed...
2007-01-18 Adam Dickmeissmarc8 test records in dist
2007-01-18 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #826: Weird looking chars for set of MARC...
2007-01-18 Adam DickmeissFix test of xmllint precense
2007-01-16 Adam DickmeissExtended the GFS search facility. New member of bend_se...
2007-01-15 Mike TaylorIgnore nfaxmltest1.log
2007-01-13 Adam DickmeissYAZ 2.1.47
2007-01-13 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.1.46 YAZ.2.1.46
2007-01-13 Adam DickmeissRemoved mainpage - moved to yaz-util.h
2007-01-12 Adam DickmeissAdded Doxygen mainpage.
2007-01-12 Adam DickmeissRenamed ZOOM_process_event to ZOOM_event_nonblock to...
2007-01-11 Adam DickmeissAdded ZOOM_API() to definition of ZOOM_connection_peek_...
2007-01-11 Adam DickmeissMove HTTP logic out of zgdu.c to http.c.
2007-01-11 Adam DickmeissImplemented bug #806: Deal with HTTP clients sending...
2007-01-10 Mike TaylorIgnore NFA tests.
2007-01-10 Adam DickmeissImplemented ZOOM_connection_peek_event.
2007-01-09 Adam DickmeissImplemented Generic select hook for ZOOM (bug #803...
2007-01-08 Adam DickmeissAdded missing source.
2007-01-08 Adam DickmeissImplemented function ccl_xml_config which parses XML...
2007-01-08 Adam DickmeissFix Doxygen comment.
2007-01-08 Mike TaylorNew
2007-01-08 Mike TaylorAppend
2007-01-06 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #797: yaz_marc_write_xml does not honor chara...
2007-01-06 Adam DickmeissAdded wrbuf_cstr which returns 0-terminated WRBUF
2007-01-06 Adam DickmeissAdded wrbuf_destroy(w), equivalent to wrbuf_free(w,1)
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissUse a little CPU in timing test
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissWindows port of yaz_timing_t
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissIgnore .log files
2007-01-05 Adam Dickmeisswin32 get real implemented (timings that is).
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissAdded this
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissReformat a bit. Building tst_timing.exe.
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissAdded test of timing_t.
2007-01-05 Adam DickmeissSpecial value -1.0 means 'could not get timings' on...
2007-01-04 Marc Crommeremoved unused variable
2007-01-04 Marc Crommechanged output to be non-cascarding when using -n switch
2007-01-03 Mike TaylorNote additional dependency libpcap0.8-dev
2007-01-03 Adam DickmeissAdded timings utility. Bump version to 2.1.45.
2007-01-03 Adam DickmeissAnnounce 2.1.44 for dh_makeshlibs due to new function... YAZ.2.1.44
2007-01-03 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.1.44. Bump copyright year.
2007-01-02 Sebastian HammerExplicitly associates NS with record root element in...
2007-01-01 Adam DickmeissDefine the LOG_ masks by default (again)
2007-01-01 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #779: Rotation of apdu.log fails.
2006-12-21 Adam DickmeissFixed Unicode to MARC-8 conversion for certain less...
2006-12-19 Adam DickmeissHonor G1 set in MARC-8 decoding.
2006-12-18 Adam DickmeissAdded yaz_marc_write_xml which creates MARCXML/MarcXcha...
2006-12-18 Adam Dickmeiss2.1.43
2006-12-17 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.1.42. YAZ.2.1.42
2006-12-17 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #772: presentChunk option yields "Present...
2006-12-17 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #775: char conversion does not handle alterna...
2006-12-15 Adam DickmeissAdd CABE as old UTF-8 sequence for Alif (MARC: AE)
2006-12-15 Adam DickmeissImplemented function yaz_marc_read_line which parses...
2006-12-15 Adam DickmeissSplit MARC reader functions out of marcdisp.c. Prepare...
2006-12-14 Adam DickmeissFor the CQL parser, make boolean node names lowercase...
2006-12-14 Adam DickmeissFor the CQL parser, make boolean node names lowercase.
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissRevert
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissCentral point of exit for xmalloc
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdded title for ziffy example.
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdded header yaz/xmltypes.h which include libxml2'...
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissDisable SRU update in case of missing Libxml2
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdded type cast from signed char to char
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissDefine SSL + Libxml2 CFLAGS
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissPredefine YAZ_HAVE_XML2, YAZ_HAVE_XSLT
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissRemoved objects nfa.obj, nfaxml.obj no longer in use
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissRemoved files nfa.h, nfaxml.h no longer in use
2006-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdded documentation about ziffy.