2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissSOLR support for ZOOM and yaz-client
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into solr_client
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissFix compilation for without libxml2
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM event, hide more definitions
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM SRU stuff to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissFix filename in Doxygen comment
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor record render to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor record cache to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM_query to separate source
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRefactor ZOOM Z39.50 functions to zoom-z3950.c
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissRename some functions to indicate Z39.50 handling
2010-08-11 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into solr_client
2010-08-10 Adam DickmeissAvoid buffer[length] construct in yaz-ztest
2010-08-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate Windows makefile for facets
2010-08-10 Adam DickmeissFix leak in parse_facet + compilation on Windows
2010-08-10 Adam DickmeissRevert recursive mutex patch
2010-08-09 Adam DickmeissDaemon: make core files work if setuid is in use
2010-08-09 Adam DickmeissGFS is using yaz_daemon
2010-08-07 Dennis SchafrothFix wrapper function for creating standard mutex. Fix...
2010-08-07 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-08-07 Dennis SchafrothAdd new mutex create where mutex attribute can be set
2010-08-05 Adam Dickmeissyaz-client: seacrh and show for SOLR
2010-08-05 Adam DickmeissRename a few Z39.50 specific funcs
2010-08-04 Adam Dickmeissyaz-client: mark priv funcs static
2010-08-04 Adam DickmeissReformat
2010-08-04 Adam DickmeissMove otherinfo facet stuff to facet.c
2010-08-04 Adam Dickmeissyaz_oi_get_facetlist_oid: odr=0 for yaz_oi_update
2010-08-04 Adam Dickmeissyaz-client: otherinfo missing if facet is in use
2010-08-03 Adam DickmeissRename attr facet specific functions
2010-08-03 Adam DickmeissReformat. Add YAZ_END_CDECL
2010-08-03 Adam DickmeissRename struct attrvalues to yaz_facet_attr
2010-08-03 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-08-03 Adam DickmeissAdd Copyright header and footer
2010-08-03 Adam DickmeissAvoid crash if facet use attribute is not supplied
2010-08-02 Adam DickmeissUpdate expected MARC result due to upd message
2010-08-02 Adam DickmeissMARC reader: more verbose if dir parsing fails
2010-07-30 Dennis SchafrothAvoid compile problem in eclipse
2010-07-30 Dennis SchafrothMinor changes in build settings
2010-07-30 Dennis SchafrothAdd compile defines
2010-07-30 Dennis SchafrothCosmetic plus fix of uninitialized variable
2010-07-30 Dennis SchafrothFix LOG_* flags to YLOG_ flags. Uncomment unused functions
2010-07-29 Dennis SchafrothFix: missing init of descriptor and indirect_reference...
2010-07-26 Dennis SchafrothVerbose debug logging on facets. Remove later
2010-07-26 Dennis SchafrothZOOM Facets.
2010-07-26 Dennis SchafrothDebug log on facet attribute limit
2010-07-26 Dennis SchafrothSupport for skipping facet, if term count is 0.
2010-07-26 Dennis Schafrothhelper for init. attribute values struct. Add some...
2010-07-26 Dennis SchafrothAdd: method for initializing facet attributes helper...
2010-07-22 Dennis SchafrothAdd missing facet function resultset_get_facet_field
2010-07-22 Dennis SchafrothFix: Uninitialized member of Z_External when creating...
2010-07-21 Dennis SchafrothAdd help for facets
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothImplementation of fake facets.
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothImplemtation of ZOOM Facet API in zoom shell
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothZOOM Facet API implementation
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothFix:
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothFix: use the given OtherInformation. Also set the term...
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothZOOM Facet API changes
2010-07-20 Dennis Schafrothadded helper functions
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothUsing helper functions for facets
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothFix: set the correct num elements on parsing error
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothHelper functions for Facets.
2010-07-20 Dennis SchafrothHelper functions for Facets.
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothAdd fake Facet list. Not yet working
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothAdd facet structures
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothAdd part of Facet API
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothAdd yaz_parse_facet_list with helper functions
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothAdd yaz_pqf_parse_facet_list
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothCosmetic
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothAdd facets option
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothRefactor parsing of FacetList out (into pquery.c)
2010-07-19 Dennis SchafrothReworked as discussed. Keeping the optional for now...
2010-07-15 Dennis SchafrothFix serious complaint from heikki
2010-07-15 Dennis Schafrothremoved a stray s
2010-07-15 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-07-15 Dennis SchafrothAdd FacetList name on external definition
2010-07-15 Dennis SchafrothSmall reorder of code line for cosmetic
2010-07-15 Dennis Schafrothget Facet_List from OtherInformation
2010-07-15 Dennis SchafrothFix the FacetTerm.
2010-07-15 Dennis SchafrothNew Facet helpers
2010-07-15 Dennis SchafrothSupport for printing of facets.
2010-07-15 Heikki LevantoFixed the asn1 for facets
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothDisabled the sending of a facet list (as Otherinformati...
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothEclipse files
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothExclude eclipse build directory
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothNew table entries for Facets
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothMethods for encoding FacetLists
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothAdd method for setting FacetList as Otherinformation
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothRefactored to enable parsing of facets
2010-07-14 Dennis SchafrothFacet suppport (partly) for Z39.50
2010-07-13 Dennis SchafrothAdd facets to protocol
2010-07-13 Dennis SchafrothNew method for parsing AttributeList used by facets.
2010-07-13 Dennis SchafrothAdded facet to external definition
2010-07-13 Dennis SchafrothFixed typo
2010-07-09 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com/home...
2010-07-09 Adam DickmeissGFS: Add search_info member for bend_search_rr
2010-07-09 Adam DickmeissVersion 4.0.11 v4.0.11
2010-07-09 Adam DickmeissAdd bib1 (CCL config example from ccl_test)
2010-07-09 Adam DickmeissCCL fixes: bug 2895 and bug 3539
2010-07-09 Adam DickmeissWork on fixing CCL quote problem, bug #3539.
2010-07-08 Adam Dickmeissz-facet-1.h part of dist