Various minor text tweaks.
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2015-09-14 Adam DickmeissFix SEGV for s=sl for 3 terms and syntax error YAZ-857
2015-08-05 Adam Dickmeissrpn2cql diagnostics: provide use attribute addinfo...
2015-06-08 Adam DickmeissCCL: fix leak on syntax errors with split-list
2015-06-06 Adam DickmeissCCL: split-list deals with multiple use attr YAZ-844
2015-06-06 Adam DickmeissCCL: fix regression introduced in YAZ-781
2015-06-06 Adam DickmeissCCL: split-list deals with use attr YAZ-844
2015-06-04 Adam DickmeissCCL: And-list / sub-phrase split-out YAZ-844
2015-06-03 Adam DickmeissRemove YAZ_781 def (=1) YAZ-781
2015-05-22 Adam DickmeissAdd tests for cs_get_host_args YAZ-842
2015-03-31 Adam Dickmeissyaz-icu option -o writes original string as well
2015-03-30 Adam DickmeissTest case for YAZ-834
2015-02-06 Adam DickmeissTest case for YAZ-822
2015-01-09 Adam Dickmeisstest_record_conv: missing yaz_record_conv_destroy
2015-01-08 Adam Dickmeissrecord_conv: selection by X-Path YAZ-811
2014-12-04 Adam DickmeissTest yaz-marcdump without character set conversion
2014-11-14 Adam DickmeissFix marc8/utf8 detection in yaz-marcdump
2014-11-14 Adam Dickmeissmarc8 + ISO2709 checks for leader 9 YAZ-800
2014-10-07 Adam DickmeissAdd test for empty term in RPN to Solr conversion
2014-10-07 Adam DickmeissAdd varous 0 ptr checks to Solr test
2014-08-15 Adam DickmeissFirst work on YAZ-781
2014-07-15 Adam DickmeissCCL combo qualifier should allow forward references...
2014-06-25 Adam DickmeissFor ICU testing, pass -o to yaz-icu
2014-05-29 Adam DickmeissCCL: include r=omiteq in tests
2014-05-05 Adam DickmeissSolr: encode lucene query type YAZ-736
2014-04-18 Adam DickmeissAdd test for YAZ-760
2014-04-10 Adam DickmeissAdd re-entrant CQL/Solr/RPN functions
2014-03-21 Adam DickmeissSupport solrmarc decoding in record_conv/retrieval...
2014-03-13 Adam DickmeissExtend test_wrbuf to use gcrypt in threaded mode
2014-02-26 Adam DickmeissUpdate comstack example a bit
2014-02-07 Adam Dickmeissmarc?.json.marc part of dist
2014-01-23 Adam DickmeissAdd wrbuf_sha1_write
2014-01-09 Adam DickmeissAdd JSON test results
2014-01-03 Adam Dickmeissrpn2solr: support truncation left(2), left&right(3...
2014-01-02 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2013-12-10 Adam DickmeissFix encoding of 0x00a4 (unicode to danmarc) YAZ-713
2013-12-06 Adam DickmeissJSON MARC decoding + tests
2013-11-28 Adam Dickmeissdanmarc iconv: fixes and more tests
2013-11-22 Adam DickmeissFix somewhat brain damaged test
2013-11-07 Adam DickmeissNew encoding: danmarc YAZ-692
2013-11-07 Adam Dickmeisstest_iconv: make variable local
2013-10-05 Adam DickmeissAdd test for blanks in URL path
2013-10-04 Adam DickmeissAdd check for YAZ-700
2013-09-27 Adam DickmeissAdd include of string.h
2013-09-26 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into sru_2_0
2013-09-26 Adam DickmeissBetter check of marc leader info YAZ-691
2013-09-23 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into sru_2_0
2013-09-23 Dennis SchafrothFix test
2013-09-23 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-09-23 Dennis SchafrothAdd more complex queries
2013-09-23 Dennis SchafrothAdd more complex query to test
2013-09-22 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into sru_2_0
2013-09-22 Adam Dickmeissrpn2solr: rewrite rel operator handling YAZ-685
2013-09-11 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into sru_2_0
2013-09-11 Dennis SchafrothAdd tests to non-configuration
2013-09-11 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into sru_2_0
2013-09-11 Dennis SchafrothFix two tests. Add new
2013-09-11 Adam DickmeissGoodbye to Odr_oct.size
2013-09-10 Dennis SchafrothAdd test to check that different indexes does not get...
2013-09-10 Dennis SchafrothAdd new tests to test relation combined if range.
2013-09-10 Adam DickmeissNo unsigned char's in public API (except for iconv)
2013-09-10 Adam DickmeissGet rid of size member of Odr_oct
2013-09-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate test_soap to new query struct
2013-09-10 Adam DickmeissUpdate test_solr, due to regression when query is omitted
2013-09-03 Dennis SchafrothIgnore trs files
2013-08-23 Dennis SchafrothRemove printf
2013-08-23 Dennis SchafrothAdd tests for newly added >= and <= support
2013-08-23 Dennis SchafrothRe-arrange. Add "range" test (covered by other tests)
2013-07-08 Adam DickmeissNew functions yaz_file_glob2, yaz_xml_include_glob
2013-07-08 Adam Dickmeissxml_include fails if file is not found YAZ-668
2013-06-10 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' into yaz_663
2013-05-31 Adam DickmeissFix tests for modified internal ICU API
2013-05-29 Adam DickmeissCCL: avoid z39.58/regex truncation when not needed
2013-05-29 Adam DickmeissCCL: tests for configurable mask/truncation
2013-05-16 Adam DickmeissDefine local strcasecmp funcs
2013-05-08 Adam DickmeissAdd check for content_length stuff
2013-05-01 Adam DickmeissFix problem with HTTP decoding
2013-04-30 Adam DickmeissNew test: test_zgdu
2013-04-12 Adam DickmeissRevert "Remove HDCQL functionality"
2013-03-05 Adam DickmeissRemove HDCQL functionality
2013-02-20 Adam DickmeissHonor CQL unmasked modifier + tests
2013-02-07 Adam DickmeissAdd test case for iconv
2013-01-29 Adam Dickmeissyaz_xml_to_opac: OID for embedded MARC may be given
2013-01-29 Adam DickmeissComplete XML to OPAC conversion
2013-01-28 Adam DickmeissAdd test for yaz_record_conv_opac_record
2013-01-18 Adam DickmeissCall xmlCleanupParser to free Libxml2 memory
2013-01-18 Adam DickmeissReformat some source for ICU
2013-01-18 Adam DickmeissAdd unit test for ICU rule join
2013-01-06 Adam DickmeissBump year
2012-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdd two more tests with anchoring
2012-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdd CQL to PQF tests with anchoring
2012-11-13 Adam Dickmeissrpn2cql: less quotes in generated terms
2012-10-01 Dennis SchafrothAdd test for native sorting in Solr.
2012-10-01 Dennis SchafrothTest for solr sort specs
2012-09-27 Adam DickmeissTest new function ccl_qual_fitem2
2012-09-19 Adam DickmeissReformat: delete trailing whitespace
2012-09-10 Adam DickmeissCCL: s=ag automatically adds s=pw
2012-09-10 Adam DickmeissCCL: add tests for CCL s=ag
2012-06-21 Adam DickmeissAdd test case for rendering of UTF-8 MARC record
2012-06-20 Adam DickmeissTest base64 system more
2012-06-19 Adam Dickmeissrender_render: Change spec for base64 record embedding