Call xmlCleanupParser to free Libxml2 memory
[yaz-moved-to-github.git] / test / test_icu.c
2013-01-18 Adam DickmeissCall xmlCleanupParser to free Libxml2 memory
2013-01-18 Adam DickmeissReformat some source for ICU
2013-01-18 Adam DickmeissAdd unit test for ICU rule join
2013-01-06 Adam DickmeissBump year
2012-09-19 Adam DickmeissReformat: delete trailing whitespace
2012-01-09 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2011-04-01 Adam Dickmeisstest_icu uses sortkey. Calls ICU cleanup.
2011-01-06 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2010-11-08 Adam DickmeissDont work with NULL chains
2010-03-09 Adam DickmeissRename C-based tests