Fix crash in record conv rule select YAZ-812
[yaz-moved-to-github.git] / src / zget.c
2014-01-02 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2013-09-11 Adam DickmeissFurther use of odr_create_Odr_oct
2013-09-10 Adam DickmeissNo unsigned char's in public API (except for iconv)
2013-01-06 Adam DickmeissBump year
2012-09-19 Adam DickmeissReformat: delete trailing whitespace
2012-01-09 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2011-09-28 Adam DickmeissReformat
2011-01-06 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2010-11-03 Adam DickmeissUpdate configure to generate config.h
2010-01-19 Adam DickmeissMake some zget_-func static.
2010-01-14 Adam DickmeissBump copyright year
2009-06-16 Adam Dickmeiss64-bit BER integers. Fixes bug #114.
2009-01-15 Adam DickmeissUpdated footer comment
2009-01-09 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2008-11-17 Adam DickmeissReturn SHA1 version for YAZ in yaz_version.
2008-04-01 Adam DickmeissUpdate source headers for 2008. Omit CVS ID keyword...
2007-05-06 Adam DickmeissCode updates which makes things compile as C++. Mostly...
2007-04-16 Adam DickmeissGenerate built-in OIDs from oid.csv.
2007-04-12 Adam DickmeissNew OID database - with public definitions in oid_db...
2007-01-03 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.1.44. Bump copyright year.
2005-06-25 Adam DickmeissExpanded tabs in all source files. Added vim/emacs...
2005-01-27 Adam DickmeissAdded zget_init_diagnostics_octet which is similar to
2005-01-16 Adam DickmeissDo not use exit
2005-01-15 Adam DickmeissBump year
2004-12-20 Adam DickmeissAdded functions to initialize various structures for...
2004-10-15 Adam DickmeissDoxyfile file description. Indentation. No change of...
2004-05-10 Adam DickmeissDo not mention windows.txt anymore. Point to HTML doc
2004-02-15 Adam DickmeissSet default preferred/maximum record size to 1 MB
2003-11-27 Adam DickmeissRemove Index Data/ from implementationName (for respons...
2003-11-27 Adam DickmeissRemove Index Data/ from implementationName
2003-10-27 Adam DickmeissSource restructure. yaz-marcdump part of installation