Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
[yaz-moved-to-github.git] / src / solr.c
2010-11-11 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-03 Adam DickmeissUpdate configure to generate config.h
2010-10-26 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-11 Adam DickmeissAllow compilation without Libxml2 support (again)
2010-09-22 Dennis SchafrothCosmetic
2010-09-09 Dennis SchafrothMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-09-09 Dennis SchafrothWork-around to be removed
2010-09-09 Dennis SchafrothAdd facet.mincount=1 to avoid "ghost" facets
2010-09-09 Dennis SchafrothWork-around for bogus SOLR facets when zero hits
2010-09-08 Adam DickmeissAvoid mixed stmt/var declare
2010-09-01 Dennis SchafrothUse postfix "_exact" fields for SOLR facet requests.
2010-08-30 Dennis SchafrothFix: allocating string on odr memory
2010-08-27 Dennis SchafrothFinal bits to get facets from SOLR targets decoded
2010-08-26 Dennis SchafrothImplement SOLR xml int reader (for term + freq)
2010-08-26 Dennis SchafrothCheck for presense of numFound.
2010-08-26 Dennis Schafrothre-impl. status check
2010-08-26 Dennis SchafrothFix: facet_list -> facetList in SRW request/response
2010-08-26 Dennis SchafrothImplement encoding of Z_FacetList into SOLR request
2010-08-25 Dennis SchafrothDecode SOLR Facet response into Z_FacetList
2010-08-24 Dennis SchafrothRemove the extensive logging
2010-08-24 Dennis SchafrothFix: Work-around since zoom-sru handle_srw_response...
2010-08-13 Adam DickmeissSOLR: Map SRU recordSchema to "fl"
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissRename yaz_solr_encode -> yaz_solr_encode_request
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissRename SOLR HTTP response function
2010-08-12 Adam DickmeissSOLR support for ZOOM and yaz-client