Added --with-yc option to configure. For the data1_node in data1.h:
[yaz-moved-to-github.git] / server / eventl.c
1998-02-11 Adam DickmeissChanged code so that it compiles as C++.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissBetter event handle system for NT/Unix.
1997-09-04 Adam DickmeissAdded credits.
1997-09-01 Adam DickmeissNew windows NT/95 port using MSV5.0. The test server...
1996-07-06 Sebastian HammerSystem headerfiles gathered in yconfig
1996-02-21 Sebastian Hammersmall
1996-02-21 Sebastian HammerTest
1995-12-05 Sebastian HammerMoved some paranthesises around. Sigh.
1995-11-13 Sebastian HammerFiddling with the variant stuff.
1995-11-07 Sebastian HammerAdded support for forcing TIMEOUT event.
1995-11-01 Sebastian HammerMinor adjustments
1995-09-15 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerReset timeouts.
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerAdded code to receive close
1995-08-29 Sebastian HammerSmall.
1995-06-19 Sebastian HammerFixed bug in timeout code. Added BER dumper.
1995-06-16 Sebastian HammerAdded session timeout.
1995-06-05 Sebastian HammerAdded a better SCAN.
1995-05-16 Sebastian HammerLicense, documentation, and memory fixes
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded some includes for better portability
1995-03-27 Sebastian HammerAdded dynamic server functionality.
1995-03-15 Sebastian HammerNow we're pretty much set for nonblocking I/O.
1995-03-14 Sebastian HammerBug-fixes
1995-03-14 Sebastian HammerWorks better now.
1995-03-14 Sebastian HammerMore work on demo server.
1995-03-10 Sebastian HammerThe rudiments of an asynchronous server.