Header files moved to include (used to be z39.50).
[yaz-moved-to-github.git] / Makefile.in
1999-06-09 Adam DickmeissHeader files moved to include (used to be z39.50).
1999-06-08 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with proto.h.
1999-06-08 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1999-06-08 Adam DickmeissMoved file to be part of zutil (instead of util).
1999-06-08 Adam DickmeissNew sub directory zutil. Moved YAZ Compiler to be part...
1999-04-28 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with Makefile and sub directories.
1999-04-16 Adam DickmeissAdded interface for tcpd wrapper for access control.
1998-10-28 Adam DickmeissAdded --with-yc option to configure. For the data1_node...
1998-09-28 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-09-02 Adam DickmeissAdded decode stream in bend search structures.
1998-08-25 Adam DickmeissMinor changes to Makefile(s).
1998-08-21 Adam DickmeissAdded GNU Configure script to build Makefiles.