2000-10-23 Anders S. Mortensen..
2000-10-23 Anders S. MortensenFixed the problem sv_undef. The package should now...
2000-10-13 Anders S. MortensenAdded present service
2000-09-15 Anders S. MortensenCorrected use of generic Z_ElementSetNames
2000-09-14 Anders S. Mortensen...
2000-09-14 Anders S. MortensenSmall updates to the documentation
2000-09-12 Anders S. Mortensen...
2000-09-12 Anders S. MortensenCorrected and error in
2000-09-11 Anders S. Mortensen*** empty log message ***
2000-09-11 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
2000-09-11 Anders S. MortensenAdded a INSTALL file
2000-09-11 Anders S. MortensenAdded a reasonable test script:
2000-09-08 Anders S. MortensenRemoved LEN, and updated the documentation.
2000-09-08 Anders S. MortensenInitial revision