2007-09-10 Mike Taylorv1.08
2007-09-07 Mike TaylorBetter addinfo when error 26 occurs.
2007-09-01 Mike TaylorNew
2007-09-01 Mike TaylorRelease 1.07
2007-08-21 Mike TaylorRolling
2007-08-21 Mike TaylorDocument the SORT API.
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorRefuse to delete multiple named result-sets (as I can...
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorReorder function. No effective changes.
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorInitial implementation of Delete RS.
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorDocument Delete RS
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorDelete RS
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorRemove debugging output.
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorTweak ::Node documentation.
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorComment out debugging printf()s in rpn2perl()'s RSID...
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorRPN tree-node changes.
2007-08-20 Mike TaylorDescribe ::Node class and its toPQF() method.
2007-08-17 Mike TaylorTowards 1.07
2007-08-17 Mike TaylorAdd support for RPN element passed in scan-handler...
2007-08-17 Mike TaylorFurther refactor rpn2perl()
2007-08-17 Mike TaylorRefactor rpn2perl() to clarify structure.
2007-08-17 Mike TaylorString-valued attributes.
2007-08-17 Mike TaylorString-values attributes are now handled correctly...
2007-08-17 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to release 1.06.
2007-08-16 Mike TaylorInvert test for errcode before copying scan terms ...
2007-08-16 Mike TaylorScan failure recovery.
2007-08-15 Mike TaylorROlling
2007-08-15 Mike TaylorClarify role of SCAN callback's $status
2007-08-15 Mike TaylorNote the DATABASES argument of the SCAN handler.
2007-08-13 Mike TaylorComment on needing YAZ 3.0.9
2007-08-13 Mike TaylorRemove obsolete comment.
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorNew
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorRevised date for new MANIFEST.SKIP
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorOmit archive
2007-08-10 Mike Taylor1.06 release date
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorInclude tests of yaz_diag_srw_to_bib1() and yaz_diag_bi...
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorAdd yaz_diag_bib1_to_srw(bib1_code) -- hey, why not?
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorRolling.
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorAdd yaz_diag_srw_to_bib1(srw_code)
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorRolling
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorRolling
2007-08-10 Mike TaylorAdd string_or_undef() utility function. Used when...
2007-08-08 Mike TaylorAdd support for GHANDLE global handle.
2007-08-08 Mike TaylorTowards 1.06
2007-08-08 Mike TaylorSet global handle before calling start_server()
2007-08-08 Mike TaylorDocumentation for GHANDLE.
2007-07-10 Mike TaylorIgnore debian
2007-05-25 Marc Crommeupdating dependency on libyaz3-dev
2007-05-23 Anders S. MortensenInsert emtpy schema setting unless schema is specified...
2007-05-23 Adam DickmeissRequire YAZ 3.0.2 or later
2007-05-23 Adam DickmeissSmarter OID handling. And, hopefully, correct.
2007-05-23 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #1137: Update simpleserver for YAZ 3
2007-04-17 Adam DickmeissUpdate for YAZ 3s
2007-04-17 Adam DickmeissRefactor the use of dotted-string utils
2007-04-17 Adam Dickmeissyaz-config default again
2007-04-17 Adam DickmeissRemoved dotted2oid which exists in YAZ already
2007-04-17 Adam DickmeissUpdated for YAZ 3.
2007-03-08 Mike TaylorPlanned failure is now at the end of the search handler...
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorAdd new "-n <number>" option to make the server exit...
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorIncrease GRS_BUF_SIZE from 512 (very small!) to 8192.
2006-12-27 Anders S. MortensenUpdating. release.1.0.5
2006-12-27 Anders S. MortensenReleasing 1.05.
2006-12-22 Anders S. MortensenUsing YLOG_WARN instead of LOG_WARN.
2006-12-01 Anders S. MortensenThis is for you Mike :-)
2006-12-01 Anders S. MortensenRemoved META.yml. release.1.0.4
2006-12-01 Anders S. MortensenRemoving compiler warnings.
2006-12-01 Anders S. MortensenChanged name.
2006-12-01 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to release.
2006-12-01 Anders S. MortensenWriting more description.
2006-12-01 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to release.
2006-08-17 Anders S. MortensenAdding debian sub-dir to repository. release.1.0.3
2006-08-09 Mike Taylor1.03
2006-08-08 Mike TaylorVersion 1.03
2006-08-08 Mike TaylorRely on v2.1.14 of YAZ.
2006-08-08 Mike TaylorFix email address
2006-08-08 Mike TaylorRemove "###"
2006-07-27 Mike Taylor1.02
2006-07-26 Mike TaylorRelease 1.02
2006-07-26 Mike TaylorOnly pass schema back to caller if its non-zero-length.
2006-07-26 Mike TaylorRemove logging
2006-07-25 Mike TaylorMove all SCHEMA stuff into a single place (still doesn...
2006-07-24 Mike TaylorDo not barf un unrecognised types of record specificati...
2006-07-24 Mike TaylorAdd (commented-out) OPTIMIZE line
2006-07-21 Mike TaylorSupport for SCHEMA
2006-06-07 Sebastian HammerExposing SRW_SORTKEYS parameter to handler
2006-06-05 Sebastian HammerAdded HANDLE to Explain request structure
2006-06-02 Sebastian HammerAdded explain handler. Input=DATABASE output=EXPLAIN
2006-06-02 Anders S. MortensenSupport Z_SortKey_sortAttributes in bend_sort. This...
2006-05-31 Sebastian HammerHandling complex compspec in present/fetch (slightly...
2006-04-21 Anders S. MortensenFor now, we reject sortAttribute with errcode 207.
2006-04-19 Anders S. MortensenRegistering the bend_sort handler and implemented the...
2006-04-19 Mike TaylorTowards 1,02
2006-04-19 Mike TaylorThrow away rpn2pquery(), use YAZ's yaz_rpnquery_to_wrbu...
2006-04-11 Mike TaylorAdam's authentication fixes.
2006-04-10 Adam DickmeissAvoid mixed stmt/var declare
2006-04-09 Adam DickmeissFor open style auth, set username ("USER") always.
2006-04-09 Adam DickmeissDont hv_store NULL user,passwd in bend_init
2006-03-24 Mike TaylorYAZ 2.0.0 requirement
2006-03-24 Mike TaylorVersion number.
2006-03-24 Mike TaylorGeneralise YAZ-version requirement. Wind back to 2...
2006-03-24 Mike TaylorCheck for YAZ version 2.1.10 or better.