2014-12-10 Mike TaylorTry winding compat down from 9 to 8 master v0.02
2014-12-10 Mike TaylorRequire only debhelper > 7, rather than 9.20120312
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorLooks like we don't need perl-Test-Simple as a build...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-12-09 Mike Taylor*sigh* downgrade required Perl version yet again, in...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorVersion 0.02
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorOmit RPM packaging from distribution
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorAdd IDMETA to distribution
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorDowngrade the Perl version required by the individual...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorAdd %files for compressed manual pages.
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorRPM spec file requires perl-Test-Simple at build-time...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorRequire a less ridiculously up-to-date Perl than the...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorNew IDMETA file.
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorInitial stab at an RPM spec file.
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorResolve
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorInclude MANIFEST.SKIP in the distribution. upstream
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorNew file, MANIFEST.SKIP, omits the Debian packaging...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorRemove autogenerated references to non-existent homepag...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorIgnore Debian package-building detritus.
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorDowngrade to source/format 1.0 (which is what MKAdmin...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorUnnecessary
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorFix author email address and copyright holder.
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorFix email address in debian/control
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorFix email address in debian/changelog
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorFirst step towards Debian packaging, created with dh...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorImport original source of IndexData-Utils 0.01
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorAdd POD documentation for IndexData::Utils::PersistentC...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorRemove random sleep that was added for concurrency...
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorExpect 21st access to have value 21, not 20!
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorImplement next() and delete()
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorAdd concurrency testing from three processes.
2014-12-09 Mike TaylorFix testing.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorAdd tests for counter.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorSome code, not complete.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorAdd t/02-IndexData-Utils-PersistentCounter.t to MANIFEST.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorRemove vacuous auto-generated comments, add a meaningfu...
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorNew test-harness for IndexData::Utils::PersistentCounter
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorFix name of top-level test in MANIFEST.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorRename
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorIgnore all the crud generated by Perl's Makefile.PL...
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorPull in IndexData::Utils::PersistentCounter
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorNew file, lib/IndexData/Utils/
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorSort the MANIFEST.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorAdd lib/IndexData/Utils/ to distrib...
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorFix up inline documentation, such as it is.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorRip out all the autoloader and exporter junk.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorFix README.
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorFull email address in Makefile.PL
2014-12-08 Mike TaylorInitial commit, as generated by 'h2xs -X IndexData...