Update baseuri to http://id.loc.gov/resources/bibs/
[mp-xquery-moved-to-github.git] / src /
2014-08-11 Adam Dickmeissconfig.xml only in bibframe directory
2014-07-08 Adam DickmeissMove patch file to bibframe directory
2014-06-18 Adam DickmeissAllow elementset to be configured
2014-06-18 Adam DickmeissPass rpath to tst program too
2014-06-18 Adam DickmeissSlightly more compact rpath spec
2014-06-18 Adam DickmeissOmit LD_LIBRARY_PATH for run_mp (using rpath instead)
2014-06-18 Adam DickmeissChange config; use name attribute wherewhere
2014-06-17 Adam DickmeissPass Full path to Zorba .so
2014-06-16 Adam DickmeissAdd make install rule
2014-06-16 Adam DickmeissXQuery diagnostic in surrogate diagnostic record
2014-06-16 Adam DickmeissCatch Zorba exceptions
2014-06-16 Adam DickmeissDeduce zorba setFileName from script
2014-06-16 Adam DickmeissSupply marcxml as raw content
2014-06-13 Adam DickmeissAlmost fully operational xquery MP module
2014-06-06 Adam DickmeissAdd run_mp / run_tst to Makefile
2014-06-06 Adam DickmeissAdd config for testing
2014-06-06 Adam DickmeissParse configure settings for xquery module
2014-05-27 Adam DickmeissAdd skeleton MP module
2014-05-27 Adam DickmeissIgnore .so *~
2014-05-27 Adam DickmeissUsing query->execute to get result into string
2014-05-26 Adam DickmeissFirst kick with a conversion of two records from YAZ