Checkout submodules as necessary MPSPARQL-23
[mp-sparql-moved-to-github.git] / bibframe /
2015-05-20 Heikki LevantoMPSPARQL-22: Return some kind of explain
2015-05-18 Heikki LevantoMinor comments
2015-05-13 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Move bf.ref into "thing" so it applies everywhere
2015-05-13 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Drop the "ref" db, integrate into "node"
2015-05-12 Heikki LevantoMPSPARQL-19: Clean up logging
2015-05-12 Adam DickmeissAdd SRU+CQL config
2015-05-12 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Some extra indexes
2015-05-11 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Add index for lccn, and update the node and...
2015-05-11 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Small hacky bases "node" and "ref"
2015-05-11 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Use %v for temp variables
2015-05-11 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Small indexes for works and instances, person etc
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Isbn indexes for instances
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: isbn index: Check we have a literal before substring
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Isbn indexes for instances
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Search by type and contentCategory
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoOne more fix in works
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoRename BF-F to BF-V for Verbose, as specified in the...
2015-05-08 Heikki Levantotypo
2015-05-08 Heikki Levantowhitespace
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoFix (again!) the expansion of works and instances
2015-05-08 Heikki LevantoFix bug in the MINUS clauses
2015-05-07 Heikki LevantoMore refactoring
2015-05-07 Heikki LevantoHeavy refactoring
2015-05-07 Heikki LevantoCleaning up indentation and whitespace
2015-05-07 Heikki Levantotowards LOC-6: Title and author indexes for instances
2015-05-06 Heikki LevantoTowards LOC-7: beginnings of a proper instance base
2015-05-04 Heikki LevantoLOC-6: Author indexes
2015-05-04 Heikki LevantoTowards LOC-6: Title indexes for works
2015-04-30 Heikki LevantoTowards LOC-7: Using the include system for all small...
2015-04-30 Heikki LevantoTowards LOC-7: experimental BF-FI, works with instances
2015-04-29 Heikki LevantoTowards LOC-7: Schematized a simple database
2015-04-29 Heikki LevantoLOC-7: elementSetName BF-F for "work"
2015-04-29 Heikki LevantoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-04-29 Heikki LevantoTowards LOC-7: Experiments in expanding works
2015-04-29 Adam DickmeissWorking sub query (uri.schema) MPSPARQL-13
2015-04-28 Heikki LevantoTowards LOC-7: Config example and experiments
2015-04-23 Heikki LevantoLOC-5: Extra hack indexes to get to nodes and references
2015-04-23 Heikki LevantoLOC-5. Put back the DISTINCT in the queries
2015-04-22 Heikki LevantoLOC-5: Search for titles
2015-04-21 Heikki LevantoLOC-5: Added a lot of new databases
2015-04-21 Heikki LevantoLOC-5: Place search implemented
2015-04-15 Adam DickmeissAdd run script to just run within source
2015-02-18 Heikki LevantoMore examples and explanations on the man page
2015-02-18 Heikki LevantoMPSPARQL-7: Use sql:GROUP_DIGEST instead of GROUP_BY
2015-02-18 Adam Dickmeissallow triplestore endpoint to be given once MPSPARQL-10
2015-02-17 Heikki LevantoMPSPARQL-7: More generic keyword search
2015-02-17 Heikki LevantoMPSPARQL-7: Deduplicate the $work
2015-02-17 Heikki LevantoMPSPARQL-7: kw search by UNION of title, author, and...
2015-02-17 Heikki LevantoMPSPARQL-8: Use OPTIONAL for all fields in the "work" db
2015-02-04 Adam Dickmeissschema check and accept header update MPSPARQL-5
2015-01-22 Adam DickmeissResult construction MPSPARCL-4
2015-01-12 Adam DickmeissDatabase work+instance with basic Bib-1 attributes
2015-01-09 Adam Dickmeisshttp_client to triplestore.xml
2015-01-05 Adam DickmeissInclude triplestore.xml from config-sparql.xml
2014-12-16 Adam DickmeissSetup dlpath and point to Virtuoso on bibframe.indexdat...
2014-12-16 Adam DickmeissMoving SPARQL to separate Git repo