2014-08-19 Jason Skomorowskimkwsref should only init its own elements
2014-08-19 Jason SkomorowskiBibliography Xblock
2014-08-14 Jason SkomorowskiInclude require.js so the LMS can load MKWS too
2014-08-14 Jason SkomorowskiTransition to mkwsref xblock (reference widget)
2014-08-12 Jason SkomorowskiUse requirejs.
2014-08-01 Jason SkomorowskiSet display name.
2014-07-31 Jason SkomorowskiAssign unique teams to allow multiple MKWS blocks
2014-07-31 Jason SkomorowskiMatch format from newer XBlock boilerplate
2014-07-29 Jason SkomorowskiUse new location for settings.js
2014-07-28 Jason SkomorowskiInitial commit