2013-08-21 Wolfram Schneidernew target check-js
2013-08-21 Wolfram Schneideradd installation guide
2013-08-21 Wolfram Schneideradd fake distclean target
2013-08-21 Wolfram Schneiderrun tests
2013-08-21 Wolfram Schneiderrename to run with node.js jasmine
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneidertry/catch mkws fatal errors, and keep the error message...
2013-08-20 Wolfram SchneiderCheck pazpar2 runtime
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneidercleanup jasmine demo code
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderpazpar2 checks
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneidercleanup
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneidercheck translations
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderallow to run the jasmin tests with a delay of N miliseconds
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderinit and run jasmine
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneidercleanup
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderrefactor: init and run jasmine
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderinit and run jasmine
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderupdate
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderbasic tests with jasmine
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderworking jasmine code
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneidercopy of index-wolfram.html
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneidersync from index-mike to run on local machine without...
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneiderskip language_Arabic
2013-08-20 Wolfram Schneideruse
2013-08-19 Wolfram Schneidernew target pz2api-git-checkout for automated testing
2013-08-19 Wolfram Schneideradd a 'check' target for jenkins
2013-08-19 Wolfram Schneiderprint a warning if ../../../libjs-pz2/pz2api.1.js does...
2013-08-19 Wolfram Schneiderdocumentation
2013-08-19 Wolfram Schneideradd 'clean' and 'all' target
2013-08-19 Wolfram Schneideradd help target
2013-08-16 Wolfram Schneideradd a 'docs' target
2013-08-16 Wolfram Schneiderfinish variable rename: mkwsSearchForm.query -> mkwsSea...
2013-08-16 Wolfram SchneiderRevert "encapsulate jQuery object usage, MKWS-24"
2013-08-16 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' into wosch
2013-08-16 Wolfram Schneiderallow to run index-mike.html on a web server
2013-08-16 Mike TaylorAdd switch_menu:true
2013-08-16 Mike TaylorComments on which divs are mandatory/optional.
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorRolling
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorMore CSS tweaking.
2013-07-26 Mike Taylorp:last-of-type selector only works on DIRECT descendent...
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorCompletely rewrite overview.
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorNormal font-weight for H1
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorClasses for author and date.
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorAdd whitepaper to DOCS target.
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorIgnore generated whitepaper files.
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorNew file. Not QUITE complete.
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorCopyright notice has no max-width, allows true right...
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorRemove outdated information.
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorClarification
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorTweaks.
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorLeft margin for <p>, <ul>, <pre> is proportional, not...
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorAdd background-colour for <pre>
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorAdd max-width for <p> and <ul> (avoid long lines)
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous leading space.
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorGeneralise rules for making various output formats...
2013-07-25 Mike Taylorpandoc generation of README.html includes mkws-doc.css
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorNew file, mkws-doc.css
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorAdd support for building ODT and PDF versions of README.
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorIgnore more autogenerated formats.
2013-07-16 Jakub SkoczenApache config and host page for new CORS handling
2013-07-12 Wolfram Schneiderload jquery-ui at the bottom of the page, MKWS-34
2013-07-12 Wolfram Schneiderencapsulate jQuery object usage, MKWS-24
2013-07-12 Wolfram Schneideruse minified version of jquery-ui
2013-07-12 Wolfram Schneiderrefactor jQuery(), always use $. instead, part of MKWS-24
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneidereach facet div get a unqiue ID, MKWS-19
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneiderswitch back to latest JS libs
2013-07-11 Wolfram SchneiderYou should add a 'type' attribute with a value of ...
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneidercolor darkgray => #A9A9A9 , MKWS-26
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneideradd examples for older jQuery and jQuery UI versions
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneiderconfigurable jquery URL, part of MKWS-24
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneidercompress text output
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneideradd a footer
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneidertypo
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneidernew section: Required devel tools (for debian)
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneiderupdate document root
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneider"jquery-ui" is gone
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneider"spclient" is gone
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneiderbring in new popup example
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneidermove my playgound file index-wolfram.html
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneiderbring in new popup example
2013-07-11 Wolfram Schneiderremove old popup example
2013-07-11 Mike TaylorREADME superseded by README.markdown
2013-07-11 Mike TaylorRemove --smart option from pandoc invocation.
2013-07-11 Mike TaylorSeparate last bullet-list from its run-in.
2013-07-11 Mike TaylorLink to README.html (generated from markdown) rather...
2013-07-11 Mike TaylorComplete the translation of the README into markdown.
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorIgnore generated file README.html
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorAdd rules to generate README.html from new README.markdown
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorNew file, README.markdown.
2013-07-10 Wolfram Schneiderworking makefile to create symlinks
2013-07-10 Wolfram Schneidercp ../../tools/htdocs/Makefile .
2013-07-10 Wolfram SchneiderMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into wosch
2013-07-10 Wolfram Schneiderdocument jQuery plugin
2013-07-10 Wolfram Schneideruse a flat config for the popup window
2013-07-10 Wolfram Schneidercall popup with config parameters, MKWS-31
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorRemove CSS parentheses around term-counts.
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorRight-align term counts (fixes bug MKWS-9)
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorUse CSS to put parentheses around term counts.
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorDo not emit parentheses around term counts.
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorIndividual terms within a facet are wrapped in <div...
2013-07-10 Wolfram Schneiderconfigurable popup window (width, height, submit button...