2014-11-20 Mike TaylorRepurpose the log_level setting to be the lowest level...
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse in place of removed team.log()
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorRemove legacy mkws.log() function: nothing should be...
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorRemove team.log -- all invocation have now been special...
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse instead of now-removed this.log()
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorRemove widget.log -- all invocation have now been speci...
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse specific logging.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse specific logging.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse specific logging.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse rather then console.log() directly.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse info() instead of log()
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorRemove redundant "warning" captions.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorRemove redundant "warning" caption.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse specific logging functions throughout mkws-widget.js
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorAdd straight-through aliases for trace(), debug() etc.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorGet rid of local variable log; all invocation are expli...
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorLocal function log() is now a simple alias to team...
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorPromote logging invocations on team objects.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorFix currying definitions.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorGreeting message demoted from warning to info.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorAdd curried trace(), debug() etc. methods to the team...
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-239.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-239.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorFix comment.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorLogging using mkws.log notes that it is legacy output.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-239.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorIgnore downloaded file jsnlog.min.js
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorAll example pages now include jsnlog.min.js from the...
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorUse JSNlog (at level INFO) for all logging.
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorAdd rules to fetch and install JSNlog.
2014-11-17 Wolfram Schneideradd wimp demo, part of MKWS-266
2014-11-17 Wolfram Schneiderlowercase widget name: Wimp -> wimp, MKWS-266
2014-11-13 Wolfram SchneiderGIT repo: private -> pub
2014-11-13 Wolfram Schneiderreplace yui-compressor with a JS based solution, MKWS-337
2014-11-13 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-13 Wolfram Schneiderfor a release, we depend on the real yui-compressor...
2014-11-12 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-336.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorAdd files from release 1.0.0 1.0.0
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorVersion 1.0.0.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorChangelog for v1.0
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorThe "release" rule depends on INSTALLED_RELEASABLE...
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-329.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-329.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorReinstate specific rules to copy VERSION and NEWS into...
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorWe don't need the empty src/releases area; we keep...
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorNew file, tools/htdocs/releases/mkws-0.9.1.css.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-227.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorRemove entries for resize-wide and resize-narrow events.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorFormat list of events. No description yet.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorAdd list of events (not yet formatted).
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorRemove redundant statement.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorNew section on event passing.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorReword on future API changes.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorRework discussion.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorRework the subwidget() description, remove Credo example.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorRemove expandValue from the documentation: it's not...
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorRemove hideWhenNarrow from the developer documentation.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorClarify parts of the widget API.
2014-11-11 Mike Taylors/TODO/FIXME/
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorUpdate the section on inheritance.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorThe "records" widget supports the new optional "summary...
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorRewrite "defining new kinds of widget" section.
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorNew section on four-layer structure of the code.
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorAdd new introduction.
2014-11-10 Jason SkomorowskiMake Makefile compatible with Make 4.x MKWS-331
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorNewer date :-(
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorNewer date :-(
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorNewer date :-(
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorRewrite compatibility roadmap section.
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorCompletely redo "Structure of HTML generated by widgets...
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorRemove data-mkws-config.
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorMake <input> tags self-closing.
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorRework the table about the popup widget.
2014-11-08 Mike TaylorClarification on popups.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove trailing whitespace.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRework the section of providing new translations.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-07 Wolfram SchneiderMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into wosch
2014-11-07 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-07 Wolfram Schneideradd apache2 package
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorUpdate list of translatable fieldnames.
2014-11-07 Wolfram Schneidermkws testing on MacOS 10.10, MKWS-332
2014-11-07 Wolfram Schneidergeneral support for apache 2.4, MKWS-332
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorLanguage names needn't be ISO codes.
2014-11-07 Wolfram SchneiderMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wosch
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorComplete the section on Assembling Pazpar2 URLs!
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorMove the renamed "sp_auth_hostname" configuration setti...
2014-11-07 Mike Taylorauth_hostname configuration setting renamed sp_auth_hos...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorNo default value documented for sp_auth_path.
2014-11-07 Mike Taylorsp_auth_path is used if defined, but falling back to...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorPartial description of URL assembly.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorThe pp2_path configuration setting now has its own...
2014-11-07 Jason SkomorowskiSet width of search box in CSS MKWS-330
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorDo not bother assigning to output.queryWidth, as this...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove code that probibits too-big-or-small values...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove default value for no-longer-used query_width...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove no-longer supported query_width option. See...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove unnecessary comment.