2013-12-18 Mike TaylorNew file, made from the pre-release checklist that...
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorMove the pre-release checklist to its own new file,
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorAdd link to whitepaper.
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorRemove leading "www." from Index Data URL.
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorGet rid of "New Features since jsdemo". It may have...
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorRemove misleading allusion to HTML5
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorMove "supported browsers" section up.
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorRemove What Next section: it's out of date, none of...
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorRemove section on jQuery plugin: redundant with whitepaper.
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorReformat sample configuration
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorRetitle
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorAmazingly, pandoc won't even accept the Unicode charact...
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorUse HTML entity © since the crappy old pandoc...
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorLightened version for use an unobtrusive div decoration
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorRe-exported to exactly match the PNG version
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorNew: exported from master, like the old 48x48.jpeg...
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorIgnore downloaded files jquery-1.10.0.min.js and jquery...
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorManhy more tweaks.
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorRewrite first few sections.
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorFix copyright statement.
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorNew
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorReindent contents of panel <div>s.
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorLink to PNG logo instead of JPEG.
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorRe-export as PNG so we can have an invisible background
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorPlace sections within round-cornered panes.
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorRemove obsolete comment.
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorUse honest <h2>s for second-level headings instead...
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorNew: made by rotating, darkening, cropping and resizing...
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorLink to logo
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorMoved
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorMoved
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorScaled and exported
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorExported
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorNew
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorNew
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneiderrebuild mkws-complete.js if the Makefile changed
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneiderput indexdata copyright on top of mkws-complete.js
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneideruse make variables whenever possible for external JS...
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneiderinclude jquery.json-2.4.js lib
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneideruse generic jquery function $.toJSON(obj) instead JSON...
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneiderinclude jquery.json-2.4.js plugin to mkws-complete.js
2013-12-17 Wolfram SchneiderFix commit which broke our tests suite.
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneidermkws_config.pazpar2_url check no longer needed
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorNew
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorAdd detailed description of authentication configuration.
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorRemove now-unnecessary service_proxy_auth_domain setting.
2013-12-16 Mike Taylormkws_config.service_proxy_auth_domain no longer need...
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorUse four separate <script> includes instead of mkws...
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorMove inline default value of pazpar2_url up into config...
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorEliminate temporary variable.
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorRemove superfluous pazpar2_url setting (re-specified...
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorRemove superfluous pazpar2_url setting (re-specified...
2013-12-16 Mike TaylorAdd comment to resync with localauth.html
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneiderfix title
2013-12-13 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneidertrailing comma lets IE8 fail, MKWS-77
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorAdd comment about Apache2 configuration
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorAdd commented-out logging directives
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneidermatch the end of 'Active clients' message
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneiderwording
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneiderfix xpath again
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneiderfix xpath for show record click
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneiderbetter log messages
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorAdd rewrite rule to make local authentication work.
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorComment.
2013-12-13 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-13 Mike Taylorlcoalauth.html doesn't depend on Mike's local servers.
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorMike's playground app becomes a copy of the development...
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorAdd links to local-authentication demo and correspondin...
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorTypo
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorSimpler JavaScript code to hide.
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorChange page title
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorRemoved robots.txt -- no reason to disallow crawlers
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorAdd an introduction div.
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorAdd new seed content, from Wikipedia's page on "computer"
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorFix indentation of table.
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorRemoving confusing redundant copy of an outdated versio...
2013-12-13 Mike TaylorAdd commented-out rewrite-logging.
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorIgnore generated links jasmine and test
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorResolve: it seems Wolfram and I both independently...
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorInvoke examples/htdocs/Makefile for "all" and "clean...
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorAdd "all" rule
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorIgnore generated apache-config.txt
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorNew file, examples/Makefile.
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorMove small mkws-tools-mike across from examples area...
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorNew example file using local authentication (MKWS-38)
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorMove aside
2013-12-12 Wolfram Schneiderthe "Source" delimiter message may come after "author"
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorReorder to better match ../../tools/apache2/mkws-mike
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorNew file, initially consists of a stanza extracted...
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorRemove stanza into its own file...
2013-12-12 Mike Taylor"Customer" Apache2 configuration used RewriteRule inste...
2013-12-12 Mike TaylorUse ${MAKE} -C instead of explicit cd in subshell.
2013-12-12 Wolfram SchneiderHandlebars doesn't like being hot-included from its...
2013-12-12 Wolfram Schneiderimprove readablity: cat one file per line