2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderjasmine-links is no longer needed
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidersome *.js files moved from tools/htdocs to ./src
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidersome *.js files moved from tools/htdocs to ./src
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidersilent apache-stop
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderautomatic start/stop for apache during phantomjs tests
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidercleanup tmp dir
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidergenerate apache config file for jasmine
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneideradd modules and missing config options
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderchange template language to standard apache
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneideradd a temp dir
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderconvert to a real template
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidercopy of mkws-dev, MKWS-148
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorMake findnode() visible as a team method.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorPut facetConfig into the mkws object.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorScaffolding is now generated immediately, not when...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorStyles refer to .mkwsFacet rather than div.facet within...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorRemove unnecessary check.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorRename variable.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorRemove obsolete logging.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorMerge the two consecutive facet-generation loops into...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorReorder code to bring scaffold-generation together.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorEliminate the addSingleScaffold function, inlining...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorMake addSingleScaffold private to the loop that uses it.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorLoop separately for addSingleScaffold and makeSingleFacet
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorRemove unused arguments from addSingleScaffold and...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorRevert author-facet title to "Authors", not "Author"
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorBreak addSingleFacet into two functions, addSingleScaff...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorWe now use a silly half-and-half scheme where an accumu...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorDifferences between various facets are now driven by...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorEmit "mkwsFacet" class rather than just "facet"
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorRemove pointless defensive test.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorNew regular-ass body
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorComment out the SVG
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorAdd mkws-widget-termlists.js to COMPONENTS
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorMove Termlists widget to its own file.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorNew file mkws-widget-termlists.js
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorRemove mkws-widget-image.js from COMPONENTS>
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorAll code moved into mkws-widget-record.js
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorMove all image-related widgets into mkws-widget-record.js
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorAdd some SVG. Just a placeholder till we're ready to...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorUse <div></div> instead of <div/>
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorUse Amazon cover-art widet.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorAdd Amazon cover-art widget.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse the Lolcat widget.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorAdd Lolcat subclass.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorAll of the functionality of the autosearch function...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSearch for "lolcat" instead of sauropod.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse "GoogleImage" subclass widget.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorAdd "GoogleImage" subclass widget.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse "target" attribute instead of "targetfilter"
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSupport "target" config element as a shortcut for UDB...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorNew
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorAdd mkws-widget-image.js to COMPONENTS
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse new mkwsImage class.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSpecify template-name, referring to a now-hardwired...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorAdd "Image" template to default list.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSummary template name is taken from that.config.templat...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSauropod version
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse image-display template.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSet config.maxrecs only if it's not already set.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSet config.maxrecs rather than config.perpage.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorVertical ws.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorRename maybeAutosearch function to autosearch.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorExtract and use maxrecs setting in auto-searching.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorBack to mkwsRecord (singular)
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorAdd yet another parameter -- maxrecs -- to newSearch...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSet maxrecs=1
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorText within popup card is black, as it should always...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorAll mkwsRecords-related styles now also apply to mkwsRe...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse mkwsRecord rather than mkwsRecords
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorBack to Google Images -- there's some problem with...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorLog hit-count.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse Flickr rather then Google Images.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorFix target ID for lolcat demo -- stupidly, this has...
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorTrying to find images.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorUse an mkwsRecord element.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorAdd mkws-widget-record.js to COMPONENTS.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorNew widget, "Record" (singular)
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorAutosearch works again for mkwsTermlists.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorMove the maybeAutosearch widget from the mkws namespace...
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorReorder.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorRename local variable.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorMove auto-searching code out of Records widget into
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorOops, reinstate accidentally deleted line.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorRecognise targetfilter attribute instead of torusquery
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorUse targetfilter attribute instead of torusquery
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorAccept and pass through "limit" argument from auto...
2014-04-02 Mike TaylornewSearch and triggerSearch functions now accept 'limit...
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorAdd limit.
2014-04-02 Mike Taylortorusquery selects targets by category.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorTargets are now specified by torusquery.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorAutosearching submits torusquery parameter from widget.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylornewSearch() and triggerSearch() now accept new torusque...
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorWhitespace.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorWhitespace
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorRemoval of old full-record div now honours teamname.
2014-04-02 Mike Taylorchmod 444 for read-only generated files instead of -w.
2014-04-01 Mike TaylorSet perpage parameter in auto-searcher.
2014-04-01 Mike TaylorAuto-search uses perpage configuration item.