2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneiderfix demo index files
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneidercorrect index URL
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneidercreate an index.html file
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneiderthe list of pages in the iframe is pretty long now...
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneideradd
2015-06-23 Wolfram SchneiderThe One Repo:
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneideradd MKX OA demo library:
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneidercheck our infamous MK2 demo site
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneidertopic search for "global warming"
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneideradd test examples for "nuclear power"
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneiderremove whitespace line
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneiderthe wimp search for "faubus" no longer works, eat sushi...
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneideradd mkwscat.html, part of MAR-161
2015-06-05 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-06-04 Wolfram Schneidertry out /bin/bash for job control, SA-739
2015-06-04 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-06-03 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-35, and surely the last part?
2015-06-01 Mike TaylorRemove trailing blank line.
2015-05-22 Mike TaylorRemove old debugging output for freezing/unfreezing...
2015-05-22 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-35.
2015-05-21 Wolfram SchneiderIE11 CSS parsing in regression tests, MKWS-386
2015-05-21 Wolfram SchneiderIE11 CSS parsing in regression tests, MKWS-386
2015-05-12 Jason SkomorowskiRevert "Added examples/htdocs/widgetsrising because...
2015-05-12 Mike TaylorInexplicable changes to examples/apache2/mkws-examples...
2015-05-12 Mike TaylorAdded examples/htdocs/widgetsrising because IT WAS...
2015-05-11 Mike TaylorRe-fix ACREP-30 in a way that works on production.
2015-05-11 Mike TaylorFixes ACREP-30.
2015-05-11 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-30.
2015-05-11 Wolfram Schneiderbetter description
2015-05-10 Wolfram Schneiderconfigure watitime for Records/Targets check
2015-05-10 Wolfram Schneiderwait a little bit for source facets to avoid race condi...
2015-05-07 Wolfram Schneiderassume batch testing if running on localhost:4040
2015-05-07 Wolfram Schneiderenable to tune timeouts, MKWS-384
2015-05-01 Jason SkomorowskiRevert "Jasmine now expects --forceExit to be case...
2015-05-01 Jason SkomorowskiHandlebars 3.0.3
2015-05-01 Jason SkomorowskiRemove deprecated sample spec from old Jasmine docs
2015-05-01 Jason SkomorowskiJasmine now expects --forceExit to be case-sensitive
2015-04-29 Mike TaylorFix very error-prone MarkDown table alignment.
2015-03-26 Mike TaylorChange-logging.
2015-03-26 Mike TaylorAdd another Handlebars helper, "compare".
2015-03-26 Mike TaylorChange-logging.
2015-03-26 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-22.
2015-03-26 Mike TaylorTypo
2015-03-24 Wolfram Schneiderdowngrade jsdom to 3.x, MKWS-381
2015-03-10 Mike TaylorFix SUP-725.
2015-03-10 Mike Taylormike2.html changed to be a Wikipedia-widget test-harness.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorLast part of MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorLast part of MKWS-58 (apart from documentation)
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorCleaning up MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorCleaning up MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorMove declarations of state variable m_dataToRedraw...
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorRemove commented-out code for more sophisticated timeou...
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorProgress of MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorTowards a more sophisticated MKWS-58 fix.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorSimple fix for MKWS-58.
2015-02-26 Mike TaylorUse Cabin font for main MKWS stylesheet.
2015-02-25 Mike TaylorFix WRIS-12.
2015-02-24 Mike TaylorSettled on Google's Cabin font, having auditioned Purit...
2015-02-24 Mike TaylorUse Google's "Lato" font in place of Gill Sans, since...
2015-02-24 Mike TaylorAdd two more lines.
2015-02-24 Mike TaylorAdd font-weight:normal to selection of Gill Sans.
2015-02-23 Mike TaylorNew somewhat temporary file font-styles.html to help...
2015-02-23 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-02-23 Mike TaylorPart of WRIS-11.
2015-02-16 Wolfram Schneiderdowngrade to handlebars <= 2.0.0, MKWS-380
2015-02-09 Wolfram Schneidermake typo
2015-02-09 Wolfram Schneidergenerated copyright year
2015-02-09 Wolfram Schneiderupdate copyright year
2015-02-06 Jason SkomorowskiFix overzealous edit
2015-02-06 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate waiting widget MKWS-375
2015-02-06 Jason SkomorowskiAllow multiple categories MKWS-377
2015-02-05 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorLast part of MKWS-375.
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorTowards MKWS-375.
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorTowards MKWS-375.
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-374.
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorUse member-access syntax for newsearch_opacity property
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix spelling of newsearch_opacity property
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorTweak wording.
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-372.
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorTable headings use "Setting" instead of "Element" for...
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-376.
2015-02-02 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-01-30 Mike TaylorNote on jsnlog.min.js -- thanks to Biligsaikhan Batjarg...
2015-01-29 Wolfram SchneiderDanish: "Status" sounds better than "Tilstand"
2015-01-29 Wolfram Schneiderindent
2015-01-29 Wolfram Schneidertranslate "State"
2015-01-29 Wolfram Schneiderdocument not tested translation
2015-01-29 Wolfram Schneidertest languages
2015-01-29 Wolfram Schneiderdo not escape facet title
2015-01-29 Wolfram Schneiderenable translation facets sidebar test
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneiderfix CSS path typo which failed in node.js
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidertranslate facets, MKWS-364
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidercheck translations, part sort by, MKWS-365
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidertranslate sort options, MKWS-366
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidercopy&paste typo
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneiderrun translation check earlier, before Check removable...
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidercompare only the first 3 elements in records details...