2014-02-27 Wolfram Schneiderfetch pz2.js from as we do for jquery...
2014-02-27 Heikki Levantotricks for Deb7wheezy in README
2014-02-21 Mike TaylorMore sorting.
2014-02-21 Mike TaylorReorder "Other" items
2014-02-21 Mike TaylorMove "General" category (at top) to "Other" at bottom.
2014-02-21 Mike TaylorReformat with individual items indented a tab.
2014-02-21 Mike TaylorConsistent formatting.
2014-02-21 Mike TaylorMove MKAdmin TODOs into this file.
2014-02-21 Mike TaylorSort and rationalise.
2014-02-20 Mike TaylorComment on use of SP.
2014-02-20 Mike TaylorAdd comment on SP torusquery.
2014-02-20 Mike TaylorNew, incomplete, temporary, rolling, should probably...
2014-02-19 Mike TaylorSearch for just 'cat', not 'lolcat'
2014-02-19 Mike TaylorSort by date:0 (newest)
2014-02-19 Mike TaylorSort by position
2014-02-19 Mike TaylorNew demo with a LOLcat
2014-02-19 Mike TaylorAdd instrumentation for time taken to walk nodes.
2014-02-19 Mike TaylorUse Flickr instead of Google images.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorLolcat widget it GO!
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorUse updated template rules
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorUpdated documentation for templates.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorTemplates are specified by class rather then ID, like...
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorTemplates are compiled on a per-team basis.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorAdd link to images demo.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorAdd image alt-text (from title).
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorShorten magic div.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorAdd image alt-text (from title).
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorUse mkws-complete.js from canonical location.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorNew file, images.html displays thumbnail images inline.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorMove utility function getParameterByName() into the...
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorResole
2014-02-14 Mike Taylorrun_auto_searches() is now a tiny function that just...
2014-02-14 Mike Taylorin run_auto_searches(), if query is undefined, don...
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorAdd mkws-jquery.js
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorLight-grey background
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorFixed width
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorRemove style completely.
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorComment out the CSS
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorUse {{#commaList}} helper to render subjects, avoiding...
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorRemove obsolete logging
2014-02-14 Mike TaylorModify default full-record template not to render URLs.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorInterpret autosearch queries of the form !path!NUMBER
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorNew
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorRemove the other two widgets.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorMagic divs in different teams.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorInclude results in all three versions of position order.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorOh, it's even easier: just specify the sort-order right...
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAdd sort_default
2014-02-13 Mike Taylor?SN ERROR
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAdd perpage_default
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorCHange heading
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorUse component scripts instead of all-in-one mkws-comple...
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorReinstate SP-auth configuration to use Paratext library.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAll change, back to a derivative of auto-paratext.html
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAdd support for auto-running widgets that take their...
2014-02-13 Wolfram Schneiderremove "id_button" and "id_popup" from the popup config...
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorMike's playground changes again ...
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorRemove "x." prefixes from hostnames.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorNo longer needed
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorRemove short-term debugging output
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorUse #mkwsPopup -- there is only one, by design.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorClear up class/id confusion for mkwsPopup
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous content.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorNew file, mike.html -- local version of popup.html
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorRename
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAdd logging for popup.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorNew file auto-paratext.html, demo for Seb
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorInitialise debug_level to 1 so that the jQuery popup...
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorAll styles are now applicable by class as well as by ID.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorRemove no-longer-needed debugging output.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorFix redundant local overrides of jQuery plugin default...
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorTweak dictionary-lookup example to work correctly witho...
2014-02-12 Mike Taylormkws-jquery.js's default selectors for id_button and...
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorMany more tests are now done using class selectors...
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorMove IDs from generated HTML.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous comment.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorAdd boolean target_filtered() function.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorInclude mkws-jquery.js
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorInclude mkws-jquery.js
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorMove jQuery plugin out of mkws.js into its own file...
2014-02-12 Mike TaylormkwsDet_* and mkwsRecdiv_* IDs include teamName.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorDon't bother calculating result summary if there's...
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorRemove wildly inaccurate comment.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorAddress mkwsPrev and mkwsNext by class.
2014-02-12 Mike TaylorReplace mkwsPrev/mkwsNext IDs with classes. See MKWS...
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorFix test-suite's debug() function to use mkws.debug()
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorAdd a TODO comment.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorRemove misleading comment.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorRemove the misleadingly named domReady() function,...
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorThe third debug() function in mkws.js, inside the jQuer...
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorGet rid of log() function within global top-level code.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorRename mkws.debug_function() to mkws.debug()
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorMove mkws.debug_function() lexically outside the team.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorRemove outdated comments.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorSeparate out team-specific parts of mkws.debug_function...
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous declaration.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorRewrite comment for global mkws object.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorMove and rewrite comment on member functions.
2014-02-11 Mike TaylorRemove obsolete comment.