Add invocation of yaz-ztest
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / tools /
2014-08-20 Mike TaylorAdd invocation of yaz-ztest
2014-08-20 Mike TaylorWhitespace
2014-08-20 Mike TaylorTypo
2014-08-20 Mike TaylorAppend URLs for actually using the local MKWS/SP/Torus...
2014-08-20 Mike TaylorNew
2014-08-20 Mike TaylorNew file, sp-mkws-mike, configures a local Apache2...
2014-08-14 Mike TaylorResolve
2014-08-14 Mike TaylorSimplify.
2014-08-14 Mike TaylorResolve
2014-08-14 Mike TaylorSimplify
2014-08-14 Wolfram Schneidertypo
2014-08-14 Wolfram Schneiderblock robots to use our MKWS service proxy, MKWS-246
2014-08-12 Mike TaylorTypo.
2014-08-12 Mike TaylorUse regular-ass Pazpar2.
2014-08-11 Mike TaylorIgnore installed mkws-developer.html
2014-08-11 Mike TaylorNew file, service-proxy/Makefile, generates service...
2014-08-11 Mike is generated by a...
2014-08-08 Wolfram Schneidersupport apache 2.4 for debian and ubuntu
2014-08-08 Wolfram Schneiderdocumentation
2014-08-08 Wolfram Schneiderdocumentation
2014-08-06 Wolfram Schneiderdocument that jQuery.pazpar2() plugin is gone
2014-08-05 Mike TaylorInclude ipAuth in SP's authentication sequence.
2014-07-31 Mike TaylorNo need to ignore installed library-configuration.html
2014-07-30 Mike TaylorLink is to mkws-manual.html rather than the old whitepa...
2014-07-30 Mike TaylorIgnore mkws-manual.html rather than whitepaper.html
2014-07-28 Mike TaylorMKWS front page links to
2014-07-24 Mike TaylorIgnore installed library-configuration.html
2014-07-23 Mike TaylorTweak "mkws-html-includes" rule to omit NUL characters.
2014-07-22 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-07-22 Mike TaylorAdd constraint-based authentication for hostName; remov...
2014-07-21 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-07-21 Wolfram Schneideruncomment LogFormat config
2014-07-18 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-07-18 Wolfram Schneideruse new parameter &identity=<realm> for auth action...
2014-07-17 Mike TaylorAdd ACTION_SEQUENCE for perconfig authentication.
2014-07-17 Mike TaylorRegister the "info" plugin
2014-07-17 Mike TaylorMove comment onto its own line, so it's not interpreted...
2014-07-17 Mike TaylorAdd chains.mike for debugging.
2014-07-17 Mike TaylorTrailing newline.
2014-07-10 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-07-10 Mike TaylorCompletely rewrite tools/service-proxy/service-proxy...
2014-07-10 Mike TaylorAnother typo in a comment. Wow, these files are careles...
2014-07-10 Wolfram Schneiderupdate copyright date
2014-07-10 Wolfram SchneiderMerge remote branch 'origin/popup'
2014-07-10 Wolfram Schneidermkws-jquery.js is gone, MKWS-235
2014-07-10 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'popup'
2014-07-09 Mike TaylorCOmments.
2014-07-09 Mike TaylorAdd link from SP-host's index.html to the main MKWS...
2014-07-09 Mike TaylorNew MKWS service-proxy configuration. Initially, copied...
2014-07-09 Wolfram Schneideradd mkws-popup.js
2014-07-09 Wolfram Schneiderreformat COMPONENTS
2014-07-09 Wolfram Schneidergenerate ever growing list of JS includes for devel...
2014-07-08 Jason SkomorowskiSupport Apache 2.4 for phantomjs test
2014-07-08 Mike TaylorComment out ProxyPreserveHost for now -- it's causing...
2014-07-08 Mike TaylorPreserve hostname when proxying the SP.
2014-07-07 Wolfram Schneiderinclude reference universe widget
2014-07-07 Mike TaylorProxyPreserveHost On
2014-07-07 Mike TaylorFor now, hardwire to use sansa.
2014-07-07 Mike TaylorClearer commenting on SP proxying options.
2014-07-07 Mike TaylorRemove configuration for, now...
2014-07-07 Mike TaylorNew file sp-mkws-live, extracted from mkws-live.
2014-07-04 Wolfram Schneideralways use .tmp extension for temporary files generated...
2014-07-04 Wolfram Schneidergeneration of mkws.js must be atomar
2014-07-03 Mike Taylor"make" now does "make all"
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorNew stanza for
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorTypo
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorAdd stub index.html to sp-htdocs
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorNot sure why this was still around
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorAdd SSL proxying support for
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorSSL version of MKWS Apache2 config now has mkws-git...
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorRemove trailing whitespace.
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorRemove arbitrary distclean rule.
2014-07-03 Mike TaylorAdd ServerAlias for
2014-07-02 Mike TaylorComment on other SP URLs that go direct to sansa or...
2014-07-02 Wolfram Schneiderusing VPATH was a sweet idea, but it is to error-prone...
2014-06-27 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-06-27 Mike TaylorAdd new /service-proxy-orexauth rewrite-rule.
2014-06-27 Wolfram Schneiderre-organize mkws.js build process, MKWS-229
2014-06-13 Wolfram Schneidertest the machine "sansa"
2014-06-11 Wolfram Schneiderrun SP on the host arya only
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorFix typo.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorAll four service-proxy-auth URLs now use "action=check...
2014-06-06 Wolfram Schneidera single CSS file for Koha MKWS
2014-06-06 Wolfram Schneiderif we make the left sidebar bigger,we must reduce size...
2014-06-06 Wolfram SchneiderThe service proxy auth URL shortcut may contain ;jsessi...
2014-06-06 Wolfram SchneiderThe service proxy auth URL shortcut may contain ;jsessi...
2014-06-06 Wolfram SchneiderThe service proxy auth URL shortcut may contain ;jsessi...
2014-06-06 Wolfram SchneiderThe service proxy auth URL shortcut may contain ;jsessi...
2014-06-04 Wolfram SchneiderKoha + mkws-widget-reference.css
2014-06-03 Wolfram Schneider/service-proxy-kohaauth will use the user "kohademo...
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorRevert previous delta.
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorSP auth for demo realm does check before auth.
2014-05-28 Wolfram Schneiderfix Firefox table display, MKWS-78
2014-05-28 Wolfram Schneiderlarger select box for Firefox, part of MKWS-198
2014-05-28 Wolfram Schneidernew koha SP auth URL
2014-05-26 Wolfram Schneiderimport our logo for koha plugin
2014-05-26 Wolfram SchneiderReferenceUniverse widget CSS
2014-05-26 Wolfram Schneideradd documentation & copyright
2014-05-26 Wolfram Schneideradd a README
2014-05-22 Mike TaylorAdd .mkwsProgress styles.