Fix WRIS-12.
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / tools / htdocs / .gitignore
2014-11-21 Mike TaylorSort the list of ignored files.
2014-11-21 Mike TaylorIgnore jsnlog-DEV.js, which I sometimes create as a...
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorIgnore downloaded file jsnlog.min.js
2014-10-16 Mike TaylorNo need to ignore mkws-jquery.js, which no longer gets...
2014-10-15 Mike TaylorReorder
2014-10-15 Mike TaylorNo need to ignore README.{html,pdf} any more.
2014-10-14 Mike TaylorIgnore generated PDFs.
2014-10-14 Mike TaylorReorder
2014-10-13 Mike TaylorIgnore generated index.html
2014-10-09 Mike TaylorIgnore handlebars-v2.0.0.js rather than the old handleb...
2014-09-23 Mike TaylorIgnore the version of Handlebars that we now download:
2014-08-11 Mike TaylorIgnore installed mkws-developer.html
2014-07-31 Mike TaylorNo need to ignore installed library-configuration.html
2014-07-30 Mike TaylorIgnore mkws-manual.html rather than whitepaper.html
2014-07-24 Mike TaylorIgnore installed library-configuration.html
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorIgnore generated NEWS and VERSION files. separate-src
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorIgnore copied file mkws-doc.css
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorIgnore generated documentation files README.html and...
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorIgnore two verbatim-copied files: mkws.js itself and...
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorNew tools/htdocs/.gitignore
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorMove tools/htdocs/.gitignore to ../../src
2014-01-14 Mike TaylorIgnore file pz2.js, copied in from ../../../pazpar2/js
2013-12-19 Mike TaylorIgnore generated file mkws.min.js
2013-12-19 Mike TaylorIgnore generated file mkws-complete.min.js
2013-12-17 Mike TaylorIgnore downloaded files jquery-1.10.0.min.js and jquery...
2013-11-26 Mike TaylorDo not version-control locally downloaded copy of handl...
2013-07-26 Mike TaylorIgnore generated whitepaper files.
2013-07-25 Mike TaylorIgnore more autogenerated formats.
2013-07-10 Mike TaylorIgnore generated file README.html
2013-07-09 Mike TaylorIgnore generated file