Ignore vim swap files.
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / test /
2014-05-31 Wolfram Schneiderfix last commit
2014-05-31 Wolfram Schneiderfail better if apache is not installed
2014-05-28 Wolfram Schneiderincrease example timeout from 8 to 12 seconds
2014-05-22 Wolfram Schneiderrun on centos6
2014-05-22 Wolfram Schneiderrun on MacOS
2014-05-22 Wolfram Schneidersupport multiple OS
2014-05-22 Wolfram Schneiderdetect correct apache binary
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorUse mkws.$(x) throughout in place of $(x).
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorClass mkwsTerm replaces term in several places in testing.
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorTest for new MKWS-specific class mkwsSummary instead...
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorLook for mkwsClientCount class instead of "clients".
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorCheck for mkwsDetails class, not details.
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorUpdate test to look for mkwsTargets rather than mkwsByt...
2014-04-25 Wolfram Schneideradd config option to disable "Check MOTD after search...
2014-04-24 Wolfram Schneiderwe test now with 17 targets, MKWS-163
2014-04-23 Wolfram Schneidermininum number of targets (active clients) is 1-9 ...
2014-04-19 Wolfram Schneiderdebugging hit counter
2014-04-18 Wolfram Schneiderdocumentation: hits count in source may be less or...
2014-04-18 Wolfram Schneiderremove useless check which randomly fails
2014-04-17 Wolfram Schneiderbring .gitkeep file back
2014-04-17 Wolfram Schneideradd missing entries
2014-04-16 Wolfram SchneiderChange ALL id="mkwsStat" to class="mkwsStat", as use...
2014-04-16 Wolfram Schneiderafter successfully run, stop apache
2014-04-16 Wolfram Schneiderafter successfully run, stop apache
2014-04-16 Wolfram Schneidermake sure that the apache.pid file will be deleted...
2014-04-15 Mike TaylorRemove stray tab.
2014-04-15 Mike TaylorAdded "mike-test" target for PhantomJS invocation.
2014-04-15 Wolfram Schneiderde-couple phantomjs regression test from debian apache...
2014-04-15 Wolfram Schneiderrefactor
2014-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderdisable MOTD tests, which fails in all non-popup pages...
2014-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderrun more code inside a local run() block
2014-04-14 Wolfram Schneidersplit the lage facet test in smaller pieces
2014-04-13 Wolfram Schneiderfix source click tests
2014-04-13 Wolfram Schneiderwait for source facets after author limit search
2014-04-12 Wolfram Schneiderexpect at least one hit while waiting for less hits...
2014-04-12 Wolfram Schneiderexpect at least one hit while waiting for less hits...
2014-04-09 Wolfram Schneiderlogroate config
2014-04-09 Wolfram Schneiderclean
2014-04-08 Wolfram Schneideruse fork/exec() instead system, MKWS-157
2014-04-08 Wolfram Schneidersleep a little bit between sending signals to childs
2014-04-08 Wolfram Schneidersince we have ./logs/.gitignore, we don't need a ....
2014-04-08 Mike TaylorNot needed now we have a .gitignore
2014-04-08 Mike TaylorNew
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidermore facet sources fixes
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderfix totally broken facets
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidertest with /jasmine-local-popup.html by default
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidercheck the exact number of active connections
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderif the source click fails, skip all tests which test...
2014-04-07 Mike TaylorFix jQuery selectors for new, cleaner representation...
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidermove ./bomb.pl script to ./bin sub-directory
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidersave
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneider./tmp is gone
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneideradd ./logs directory to git
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidernew variable APACHE_HTTPD
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidercleanup generated apache
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidersilent apache-stop
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderautomatic start/stop for apache during phantomjs tests
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidercleanup tmp dir
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidergenerate apache config file for jasmine
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneideradd a temp dir
2014-04-01 Mike TaylorBlind attempt to fix Jenkins error.
2014-03-28 Mike TaylorTests inspect mkws.config rather than old mkws_config
2014-03-28 Mike TaylorFix blindly-copied comment.
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorTypo in comment.
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorUse mkws.log instead of old mkws.debug
2014-03-20 Mike TaylorComment out unnecessarily noisy test/spec/mkws-pazpar2...
2014-03-18 Wolfram Schneiderfix typo in last commit
2014-03-18 Wolfram Schneidercheck for single active client before clicking on a...
2014-03-18 Wolfram SchneiderFix Check status client counter check
2014-03-18 Wolfram Schneidercleanup .unbind() code
2014-03-17 Wolfram Schneiderwait for stat() change in DOM, MKWS-139
2014-03-17 Wolfram Schneiderallow hostnames with dash ("-"), e.g mkc-cproxy.indexda...
2014-03-16 Wolfram Schneideradd perltidy target
2014-03-16 Wolfram Schneiderincrease timeout to 16 seconds
2014-03-14 Wolfram SchneiderASCII dump of HTML page (not fully implemented yet).
2014-03-14 Wolfram Schneideruse new script phantom/run-jasmine.js
2014-03-14 Wolfram Schneiderrewrite test to display better error messages and avoid...
2014-03-13 Wolfram SchneiderIE8 does not support DOMSubtreeModified, use propertych...
2014-03-10 Wolfram Schneider./bomb.pl will use the slightly larger timeout as the...
2014-03-10 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com:222...
2014-03-10 Wolfram SchneiderCheck for DOMSubtreeModified and a first link
2014-03-10 Heikki Levantowhitespace
2014-03-10 Wolfram Schneiderwait for new records HTML data before we click on a...
2014-03-10 Heikki LevantoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com:222...
2014-03-10 Heikki LevantoOne small comment
2014-03-10 Wolfram SchneiderLoC has records without links, in that case the test...
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneidertypo in help message
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneiderfix xpath for URL extract check
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneideralias p -> phantomjs
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneiderless debugging noise
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneiderif there are no "good" sources, ignore the source facet...
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneiderrefactor: make a new test "Check record list", called...
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneiderindent
2014-03-07 Heikki LevantoDetect the case when no author is good enough to click...
2014-03-07 Heikki LevantoFix race condition in "Show record" MKWS-137
2014-03-07 Heikki LevantoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.indexdata.com:222...
2014-03-07 Heikki LevantoDo note test return value of .trigger("click")
2014-03-07 Heikki LevantoDo not test the return value of .trigger("click")
2014-03-07 Wolfram Schneideradd a prefix for jasmine console log messages
2014-03-06 Heikki LevantoUnit tests for the MOTD MKWS-134