the list of pages in the iframe is pretty long now, split it
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / test / widgets / Makefile
2015-06-23 Wolfram Schneiderthe list of pages in the iframe is pretty long now...
2015-01-08 Wolfram Schneiderrun screen shots in parallel (3 times faster)
2015-01-07 Wolfram Schneiderfinish previous commit
2015-01-07 Wolfram Schneiderenable to run tidy several times
2015-01-07 Wolfram Schneidertidy is a post target
2015-01-07 Wolfram Schneidermore spaces in help message
2015-01-07 Wolfram Schneiderdisplay a hint how to check the index pages
2015-01-07 Wolfram Schneiderrun tidy by default
2015-01-07 Wolfram Schneidernew target tidy, part of MKWS-346
2014-11-05 Wolfram Schneiderquote URLs
2014-11-05 Wolfram Schneidershell for loop must fail in case of an error
2014-11-04 Wolfram Schneiderrun with timeout checking
2014-11-04 Wolfram Schneiderupdate clean for iframe html pages
2014-11-04 Wolfram Schneidercreate an index page with iframes to non-auto search...
2014-10-22 Mike TaylorUp the default PHANTOMJS_TIMEOUT to 30 seconds, as...
2014-10-20 Wolfram Schneiderdocumentation
2014-10-20 Wolfram Schneideradd URL list for Mike's MKWS demos, MKWS-302
2014-10-20 Wolfram Schneiderestimate run time for screenshots
2014-10-20 Wolfram Schneiderno trailing "-" dash in file names
2014-10-20 Wolfram Schneideruse prefix "url" instead suffix
2014-10-20 Wolfram Schneidersupport multiple URL lists, MKWS-303
2014-10-20 Wolfram Schneideruse a variable for URL file
2014-10-16 Wolfram Schneidermake -> ${MAKE}, part of MKWS-292
2014-10-16 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-292
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneidercleanup before generating screenshots
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneideratomar screenshot files
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneidersort images by time, oldest first
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneiderbetter images names
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneidertune screenshot size
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneiderworking screenshots, MKWS-276
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneidergenerate screenshots of Koha widget in production ...