Add another Handlebars helper, "compare".
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / src / templates /
2015-03-10 Mike TaylorFix SUP-725.
2015-02-23 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-02-23 Mike TaylorPart of WRIS-11.
2015-02-06 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate waiting widget MKWS-375
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-374.
2015-01-29 Wolfram Schneiderdo not escape facet title
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidertranslate facets, MKWS-364
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidercheck translations, part facets filter/navi, MKWS-365
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidercheck translations, part navigation, MKWS-365
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidercheck translations, MKWS-365
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorDisambiguation link is now in a <p> of class "mkws...
2015-01-23 Mike TaylorRelated to MKWS-163.
2015-01-22 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-01-22 Mike TaylorRemove hardwired "<<" and ">>" text from Prev and Next...
2015-01-22 Mike TaylorNew Makefile in src/templates.
2015-01-21 Wolfram Schneidersupport multiple images, part of WRIS-10
2015-01-20 Mike TaylorUses .mkws-pager-desc and .mkws-pager-list classes...
2015-01-19 Mike TaylorProper fix for MKWS-352.
2015-01-12 Mike TaylorRename template file. DEFINTELY the last part of MKWS...
2015-01-12 Mike TaylorTweak comment.
2014-12-11 Wolfram Schneiderconfigurable credit for reference widget, MKWS-344
2014-11-10 Mike TaylorMake <input> tags self-closing.
2014-11-04 Jason SkomorowskiSummary template should grab first thumb.
2014-11-04 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' into prettysimple prettysimple
2014-11-04 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' into prettysimple
2014-11-04 Jason SkomorowskiChange result-blah classes to mkws-field-blah in the...
2014-11-04 Jason SkomorowskiRevert "Default results template should not need a...
2014-11-03 Jason SkomorowskiDo not hardcode search box width.
2014-11-03 Mike TaylorLast part of MKWS-322 (Use "facets" widget in place...
2014-11-03 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-322
2014-10-31 Jason SkomorowskiMove details outside the grouped data fields.
2014-10-30 Jason SkomorowskiSeparate container for non-thumbnail metadata makes...
2014-10-30 Jason SkomorowskiAdd fields to summary, also remove bold and italic.
2014-10-30 Jason SkomorowskiThe termlists don't need a caption of "Termlists"
2014-10-30 Jason SkomorowskiDefault results template should not need a table.
2014-10-30 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-10-30 Jason SkomorowskiForgot '@' in @last
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-322. Change hardwired default heading...
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorReinstate lost translation of "Termlists" heading.
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorChange template file's inline title to match its actual...
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-322: renamed the 'termlists' template...
2014-10-29 Mike TaylorFix last part of MKWS-319.
2014-10-24 Jason SkomorowskiSplit summary out of records template MKWS-312
2014-10-23 Jason SkomorowskiMore accurately name image widget as images
2014-10-23 Jason SkomorowskiRename all the templates MKWS-313
2014-10-23 Jason SkomorowskiMove template to src/templates MKWS-314 MKWS-315