Remove commented-out code for more sophisticated timeout that fades the record display.
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / src / mkws-widget-main.js
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorRemove commented-out code for more sophisticated timeou...
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorProgress of MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-58.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorTowards a more sophisticated MKWS-58 fix.
2015-03-09 Mike TaylorSimple fix for MKWS-58.
2015-02-06 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate waiting widget MKWS-375
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorTowards MKWS-375.
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorUse member-access syntax for newsearch_opacity property
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix spelling of newsearch_opacity property
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-376.
2015-01-28 Wolfram Schneidertranslate sort options, MKWS-366
2015-01-20 Mike Taylortargets widget removes leading "Client_" from states.
2015-01-20 Mike TaylorThe "targets" widget now lists targets in alphabetical...
2015-01-19 Mike TaylorClean-up for MKWS-352 work.
2015-01-19 Mike TaylorTowards a proper fix for MKWS-352.
2015-01-19 Mike TaylorLast part of MKWS-352.
2015-01-16 Jason SkomorowskiAdd 'searchtriggered' queue, remove 'navi' queue.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse specific logging.
2014-11-11 Mike TaylorThe "records" widget supports the new optional "summary...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorDo not bother assigning to output.queryWidth, as this...
2014-11-07 Jason SkomorowskiRecords don't need to notify the record queue.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous debugging output.
2014-11-06 Mike TaylorRemove unnecessary (and unused) hardwired default.
2014-11-05 Mike TaylorRemove vacuous call of that.autosearch() from the ...
2014-11-04 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' into prettysimple
2014-11-03 Jason SkomorowskiSwitch pager from 12 pages to 10 to fit better on mobile.
2014-10-29 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-319.
2014-10-24 Jason SkomorowskiSplit summary out of records template MKWS-312
2014-10-23 Jason SkomorowskiRename all the templates MKWS-313
2014-10-22 Wolfram Schneidermonster commit to change names of MKWS classes to be...
2014-10-20 Mike TaylorFix case and spelling of widget-type names
2014-10-17 Mike TaylorRevert "Towards MKWS-294 (Change names of MKWS classes...
2014-10-17 Mike TaylorTowards MKWS-294 (Change names of MKWS classes to be...
2014-10-02 Jason SkomorowskiRemove spurious debug.
2014-09-23 Jason SkomorowskiWrap mkws-widget-main.js to allow jQuery use.
2014-08-23 Jason SkomorowskiDetails widget
2014-08-11 Jason SkomorowskiThis should be that. And a semicolon.
2014-08-11 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate Navi widget
2014-08-11 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate Progress widget.
2014-08-08 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate language widget
2014-08-08 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate Ranking widget.
2014-08-07 Jason SkomorowskiSimple templates for Done, Search and Switch
2014-08-05 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate for Pager
2014-08-05 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate Stat widget
2014-08-05 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate Targets widget
2014-08-04 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' into templateallthemarkup
2014-08-01 Jason SkomorowskiReplace team.config() getter with team.config object.
2014-07-10 Wolfram Schneiderthe pseudo wiget name mkwsPopup is now in use
2014-07-07 Jason SkomorowskiMerge branch 'master' into templateallthemarkup
2014-06-24 Mike TaylorAdd missing trailing semicolon after HTML entity.
2014-06-10 Jason SkomorowskiDisambiguate singleton and multiple record templates.
2014-06-09 Jason SkomorowskiInitial templatification + Records widget
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorAll invocations of widget.hideWhenNarrow(w) changed...
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorAll invocations of widget.autosearch(w) changed to...
2014-05-22 Mike TaylorAdd Progress widget (progress-meter)
2014-05-16 Mike TaylorAdd new widget type, "Config", which allows configurati...
2014-05-15 Mike Taylorjqnode member renamed just node, now that the old DOMEl...
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorMoving MOTD is now done using jqnode rather than underl...
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorFinal changes to logging text (for now, anyway)
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorFix case of logging message.
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorThe 'Switch' and 'Targets' widgets no-op if config...
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorVarious widgets now use w.jqnode instead of $(w.node...
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorEmit new MKWS-specific class mkwsSummary instead of...
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorDon't wrap mkwsStatus element's "Retrieved records...
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorDo not emit static "Status info" text in the Stat widge...
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorGenerate mkwsClientCount class instead of "clients".
2014-05-09 Mike TaylorUse new MKWS-specific class mkwsRemovable instead of...
2014-05-08 Mike TaylorRemove trailing whitespace.
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorGet rid of unused mkwsSelect class and form-name.
2014-05-07 Mike TaylormkwsSelected class renamed to more explicit mkwsCurrentPage
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorRemove completely unnecessary mkwsBytarget wrapper...
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorRemove trailing comment.
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorTabs to spaces.
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorRe-indent.
2014-05-02 Mike TaylorMerge the two(!) definitions of Results widget.
2014-05-01 Mike TaylorSwitch and Lang widgets hide themselves when the window...
2014-05-01 Mike TaylorGenerate mkwsTermlists-Container-* instead of mkwsTerml...
2014-04-30 Mike TaylorUse mkwsTermlist-container-wide and -narrow instead...
2014-04-30 Mike TaylorAdd null widget definitions for Query, MOTDContainer...
2014-04-30 Mike TaylorRename mkws-widgets.js to mkws-widget-main.js