Fix spelling of newsearch_opacity property
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / src / mkws-widget-facets.js
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix spelling of newsearch_opacity property
2015-02-04 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-376.
2015-01-27 Mike TaylorDo not pass that.config.query into the facet template.
2015-01-19 Mike TaylorClean-up for MKWS-352 work.
2015-01-19 Mike TaylorTowards MKWS-352.
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse specific logging.
2014-11-03 Mike TaylorLast part of MKWS-322 (Use "facets" widget in place...
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorUpdate comment.
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-322. Rename mkws-widget-termlists.js to...