Part of ACREP-32.
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / src / mkws-handlebars.js
2015-06-29 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-32.
2015-06-26 Mike TaylorDowngrade warn() calls to debug()
2015-06-26 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-32.
2015-05-11 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-30.
2015-03-26 Mike TaylorAdd another Handlebars helper, "compare".
2015-03-26 Mike TaylorPart of ACREP-22.
2014-08-11 Jason SkomorowskiTemplate Progress widget.
2014-07-10 Wolfram Schneidermkws-paragraphs: obj can be undefined
2014-07-04 Mike TaylorUse mkws.$.toJSON rather than regular-ass $.toJSON
2014-06-03 Mike TaylorFix a perfectly understandable logic error that anyone...
2014-06-03 Mike TaylorThe mkws-paragraphs Handlebars helper now accepts a...
2014-05-29 Mike Taylormkws-paragraphs also handles explicitly undefined param...
2014-05-29 Mike TaylorSimplify handling of optional count argument.
2014-05-29 Mike Taylorthe "mkws-paragraphs" Handlebars helper now accepts...
2014-05-29 Mike TaylorAdd hack to remove numbered references from mkws-paragr...
2014-05-29 Mike TaylorVertical ws
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorRe-indent.
2014-05-02 Mike TaylorPrefix names of all Handlebars helpers with "mkws-":
2014-04-29 Mike TaylorRemove not-necessary-after-all newline.
2014-04-29 Mike TaylorAdd new Handlebars helper, "paragraphs".
2014-03-26 Mike TaylorNew