Fix overzealous edit
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / src / mkws-filter.js
2015-02-06 Jason SkomorowskiFix overzealous edit
2015-02-06 Jason SkomorowskiAllow multiple categories MKWS-377
2014-11-20 Mike TaylorUse specific logging.
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorTweak wording of log message.
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorUse mkws.$ to access to toJSON method, as some applicat...
2014-05-07 Wolfram Schneidertrailing comma breaks IE8
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorTabs to spaces.
2014-05-07 Mike TaylorRe-indent.
2014-04-24 Mike TaylorAdd visitCategories function
2014-04-24 Mike TaylorAdd categoryFilter factory.
2014-04-24 Mike TaylorSwitch on filter type, not presence of "id" field.
2014-04-24 Mike TaylorReplace filter factory function with explicit targetFil...
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorRemove pp2limit regression-testing scaffold.
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorNew implementation of pp2limit method based on visitFields.
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorRegression-test scaffolding for pp2limit method.
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorRemove no-longer needed OLD-vs-NEW scaffolding around...
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorNew pp2filter implementation that uses visitTargets.
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorAdd so-far-meaningless wrapper to pp2filter.
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorAdd filterSet.toJSON method (used only for logging).
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorAdd filterSet.visitTargets and filterSet.visitFields...
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorAdd pp2limit method
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorAdd pp2filter method.
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorfilterSet factory accepts a team argument and stashes...
2014-04-23 Mike TaylorImplement filterSet.targetFiltered function
2014-04-23 Mike Taylorfilter factory accepts name argument.
2014-04-22 Mike TaylorNew, woefully inadequate.