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2014-10-09 Mike TaylorRedundant
2014-08-11 Mike TaylorRemove temporary change.
2014-08-11 Mike TaylorTesting a commit on the "mike" branch
2014-07-30 Mike TaylorRefer to manual rather than whitepaper.
2014-04-14 Mike TaylorRemove the old 2013-06-24--todo file: everything we...
2014-04-14 Mike TaylorUpdate MKAdmin instructions.
2014-03-07 Heikki LevantoMore about setting up apache
2014-03-06 Heikki LevantoUnit tests for the MOTD MKWS-134
2014-03-05 Heikki LevantoMinor comment about environment
2014-02-28 Heikki LevantoSome typos
2014-02-28 Heikki LevantoMike's comments on mkws.js
2014-02-28 Heikki LevantoCollect useful advice for developers into one file
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorNew file, using-mkadmin, extracted from material in...
2013-12-18 Mike TaylorNew file, made from the pre-release checklist that...
2013-06-24 Mike TaylorNew